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Pick n Pay is a prominent retail franchise business based in South Africa. The business, which revolves around offering a diverse range of products including groceries, clothing, and general merchandise, has established itself as a household name in South Africa and several other African countries. The history of Pick n Pay dates back to 1967 when it was founded by the late Raymond Ackerman. Ackerman purchased four small stores in Cape Town and expanded them into a nationwide franchise. Since venturing into franchising in the 1990s, Pick n Pay has been a trailblazer, revolutionising the franchise landscape. Since its inception, the company has been committed to consumer sovereignty and a decentralised management approach, principles that have guided its growth and expansion. Over the years, Pick n Pay has not only expanded its physical store footprint but also ventured into online retail, catering to the evolving needs of its customer base. The franchise’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainability has been a cornerstone of its operations, further solidifying its reputation as a trusted and responsible retailer in the region.

Pick n Pay offers a comprehensive and diverse range of franchising options to prospective franchisees, each tailored to different market segments and consumer needs:

Pick n Pay: The flagship brand, offering a full range of groceries, general merchandise, and clothing, catering to a broad customer base.

Liquor: Specialised stores offering a variety of alcoholic beverages, catering to the demand for quality liquor products.

Convenience Format: Convenience store format, ideal for quick shopping trips, offering essential items and fast service, often located in smaller, easily accessible locations.

The franchisor behind the Pick n Pay brand is Pick n Pay Stores Limited, a prominent retail company based in South Africa. This company is responsible for the establishment and growth of the Pick n Pay franchise and its various formats.

At the helm of the company is a team of experienced professionals who are well-versed in retail operations, management, and strategy. This team oversees the franchise’s expansion, ensuring that each store upholds the brand’s values and standards. The leadership is known for its strategic vision in adapting to market changes, and customer needs and embracing technological advancements for retail innovation.

The franchisor provides extensive support to franchisees, including training, marketing, product sourcing, and operational guidance. This support is crucial in maintaining the consistency and quality of the Pick n Pay brand across all its franchises.

The success of Pick n Pay as a franchisor is rooted in its deep understanding of the retail market in South Africa and other African countries where it operates. The company’s commitment to community involvement, ethical business practices, and customer satisfaction continues to drive its growth and popularity.

Our commitment over these decades has led to the development of a proven operating system, one that equips our franchisees to uphold the highest standards of retail excellence. This system is designed to meet the dynamic needs of our diverse customer base, ensuring every franchisee is well-prepared to succeed in today’s competitive market.

Beginning in the 1990s, Pick n Pay has not only embarked on a franchising venture but has also redefined it. This journey offers entrepreneurs the best of both worlds: the freedom to run their business paired with significant backing, ensuring a harmonious balance between independence in outlet management and a well-rounded support system.

Becoming a Pick n Pay Franchisee gives you the opportunity to:

  • Build your legacy
  • Give back to the community you serve

It gives you access to:

  • Contemporary store image and design
  • Store format and sizing designed to cater to diverse customer’s needs
  • Automated and Integrated systems
  • Large product range
  • Competitive product pricing
  • State-of-the-art distribution centers
  • Award-winning loyalty program
  • Omnichannel

You will be supported by:

  • An E-learning platform
  • Marketing and advertising support
  • Operational Support

Our Ideal Franchisee

We’re looking for dedicated entrepreneurs to expand the Pick n Pay legacy of community impact and economic growth. With our support, you’ll have everything you need to build a thriving business. These are our essential qualities for success.

Business Acumen

Exhibit proficiency in managing finances, serving customers, and overseeing operations.

Growth and Adaptability

Demonstrate a willingness to embrace learning and adjust to evolving market dynamics and franchisor guidelines. Dedicate yourself to ongoing growth and flexibility by actively participating in our extensive training program and adjusting to innovative business strategies, current market trends, and updated operational methods.


Brand Alignment

Demonstrate a deep understanding of and dedication to our brand’s foundational values and mission, ensuring the delivery of a genuine and consistent customer experience.

Commitment and Dedication

Demonstrate a strong focus on customer satisfaction by committing to high-quality service and fostering positive customer relationships. This commitment is underpinned by a readiness to invest significant effort and extended hours, alongside exhibiting unparalleled passion, dedication, and a robust work ethic. Such a holistic approach ensures every interaction not only meets but exceeds customer expectations, reinforcing the foundation for lasting and positive engagements.


Franchisees must be willing to comply with the terms and conditions outlined in the franchise agreement. This includes following the established brand standards, and operating procedures, and paying required fees.

Criminal and Financial Health

Ensure financial readiness for startup costs, including meeting the unencumbered cash requirement, and maintain a clean background with no criminal records. This financial foundation and personal integrity are crucial for establishing a trustworthy and stable business operation from the outset.

Experience or Skills:

  • Demonstrate authentic passion for retail, supported by pertinent skills and experience.
  • Possess financial acumen.
  • Exhibit proficiency in interacting with both customers and staff.
  • Show advanced communication, relationship-building, interpersonal, and leadership abilities.
  • Employ a systematic method to management tasks.
  • Maintain organisation in all tasks.
  • Be proficient in computer and technology use.
  • Display the capability to multitask effectively across operational and administrative functions.
  • Have strong sales competencies.
  • Exercise robust management capabilities.
  • Adapt quickly and efficiently (agility).
  • Focus on meticulous attention to detail.
  • Think logically and solve problems effectively.



All franchisees and their teams are granted access to our advanced e-learning portal, equipped with carefully designed training modules aimed at maximising staff efficiency, enriching knowledge, fostering confidence, and elevating the standards of customer service. This comprehensive resource is tailored to empower our staff, ensuring they are well-prepared to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Financial Cost

Financial details on request.

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