Piatto Restaurant & Grill

Piatto Restaurant & Grill

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Piatto was founded by Michael Yiallouris in 1999. The restaurant chain is based on traditional Mediterranean recipes, handed down from generation to generation, and each mouth-watering recipe uses techniques of full-flavoured texture.

Piatto Restaurant and Grill offers an eclectic menu with a Mediterranean influence including grills, seafood, pastas and burgers

Michael Yiallouris founded Piatto in 2001. He has been in the food industry from 1992. Piatto  was born as a result of his  infectious passion for life, a desire for superb dining, celebrating the joie de vivre

There are two things that make a franchise worth buying:
The Experience and The Reputation of the franchise company

The experience of the Franchisor is of utmost importance because this ensures that you will receive excellent support in all aspects of the franchise business. Even though you have just opened a store, years of operating experience will become your. You will naturally bypass the many mistakes that befall a new business, you have bought into an experience and wiser franchise.

The management team is progressive and dynamic, guiding the Franchisee to operate their business independently and to their full potential within the framework of the franchise agreement, Piatto offers a platform from which the Franchisee can tap into a myriad of resources such as, favourable rentals through negotiated with landlords, competitive prices and superior service from suppliers.

Success is ensured through the provision of ongoing training and committed backup by Piatto!


A passionate hands-on operator

Six weeks training at Head office store.

Total Investment Amount
3 500 000
Excl VAT
Excl VAT
Advertising & Marketing Fees
Management Fee
Total Fees
Financial Cost

Average size – 250m2 – 400m2
Average set-up cost R3.5m (exl VAT Cash upfront unencumbered R1.4 million
Initial working capital required R250 000
Service management fee 5%

Piatto entrance
Piatto Restaurant & Grill
Piatto eastgate

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