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We’ve perfected the recipe for success!

Pedros is all about its People. It’s the People who cook our chicken, the People who serve our chicken, and it’s the People who enjoy our chicken! So, we strive to create a culture that is vibrant and positive, and to encourage and invest in our ‘Don Pedros’ – these are passionate, hard-working people who care deeply about the brand.

We’re all about enjoying the journey and having fun, while we stick to what we’re good at – great flame-grilled chicken at great prices!

That means, when you eat at Pedros, you get a premium chicken experience, excellent service and unbeatable value for money! And we’re pedantic about achieving results. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the numbers. Over 130 stores in 5 years? We think that’s a pretty good number!

We know the QSR industry and have extensive experience in all things ‘Flame Grilled’!
Our Director, Moosa Bux, has been involved in retail, property and fast food for over 10 years. His experience comes from holding directorships with Spar retail stores as well as Flame Grilled Chicken branded outlets.

From store set up to staffing, advertising, marketing, operations, HR and accounts… we do it all, and we do it well. As the saying goes, “Been there, done that, got the T-shirt!”.

Having stores in different areas around the country has taught us the importance of putting the best systems and procedures in place and has helped us fine-tune our understanding of the market and the art of food retail. We’ve developed extensive knowledge of the property market and are experts in choosing the best locations and negotiating the best deals for franchisees. As they say, “Location! Location! Location!”.

We have a strong team around us, lending leadership and unrivalled support in all key areas, including a dedicated, centralized marketing team committed to building brand awareness and digital strategies that optimize sales.  Our team has grown to over 130 talented, passionate people, enabling us to become a legitimate contender in the industry.

We are all for ethical franchising with a tried and tested model that really works, based on SHARED VALUE AND GROWTH!

What Makes our brand so special?

Although our vision, inspiration and strategy are global, we are a truly South African company, born and managed locally. We believe that ‘local is lekker!’ and source all our products from SA partners and producers. We have a truly special and mouth-wateringly delicious basting sauce that is unique, highly sought-after and can stand up against the market leaders in our sector.

Founding Values.

QUALITY PRODUCT – Offering the People a great quality product.

QUALITY EXPERIENCE – Offering the People an excellent experience.

VALUE FOR MONEY – Offering the People unbeatable value for money.

These 3 principles have held us in good stead since our inception. In fact, at a time when many businesses were stagnating and even closing down, we were growing at an unprecedented rate and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.
The market has shifted over the years and we are perfectly positioned in today’s current economic climate to provide the People exactly what they want – a premium flame-grilled chicken experience that is within budget and delicious at the same time.

We have a dedicated team with over 100 years’ cumulative industry experience and who have also proven their dedication and skill within our group.
We believe that we are more than capable of driving the vision of the company and executing on its mission.

Want to become a Don Pedro?

Our Joining Process:

1. Franchisee Interview
2. Signing of Confidentiality Agreements
3. Disclosure document
4. Franchise Agreement and Joining Fee
Store Opening Process:
1. Site identification and acceptance
2. Assisting with landlord negotiation
3. Budgets
4. Forecasts
5. Lease Agreements
6. Landlord Fit out
7. Tenant Fit out
8. Credit apps, opening accounts
9. Training off site (Staff and Management)
10. Training on site
11. Opening day

We’re looking for Don Pedros – people who are passionate about the brand, passionate about people and passionate about keeping our consumers happy by providing the best food quality and service available. Our franchisee partners also tend to come from a commercial background with previous experience in running a business. They tend to be young, energetic and hard-working individuals who want to make a difference.

Training is imperative to our success and is reflected in the high level of service provided to our customers.

We have a dedicated training department, with highly experienced skills trainers providing staff with the necessary skills and support they need on an on-going basis, to ensure our people are the best at what they do.

Regular training sessions are undertaken to increase the knowledge and upskill team members, which in turn enhances their performance and competency levels. Staff are trained in all aspects of product, menu, restaurant features, service skills, customer service, complaint handling, telephone technique and functions. In addition to this we invite our providers and corporate partners to conduct training sessions on their particular products and services. A range of comprehensive training manuals for managers and staff are maintained and carried in each restaurant. For new store openings, we provide 12 days’ training at our head office store and 3 days onsite training, which covers Opening Day. We also have our head office management team on site to assist and ensure smooth running of the store for the first few days.

No current stores are for sale, however franchise opportunities are available nationwide.

Upfront Fee
Excl VAT
Excl VAT
Advertising & Marketing Fees
Monthly Royalty Fees
Financial Cost

Store Setup Costs
Application Fee: R2 875

Standalone Stores:
Standalone store sizes range from 120 sqm to 200 sqm. The capital required for a standalone store ranges from R2m to R2.5m, excluding VAT.

Drive-Thru Stores:
Our drive thru store sizes range from 200sqm to 300sqm. The capital required for a Drive-Thru store ranges from +- R3 million to +-R3.5 million excluding VAT.

The above costs depend on various factors such as the condition of premises, landlord contribution, facilities and fixtures in place, size of the store and electrical supply in place.

Additional Capital Required:
R125 000, Excl. VAT, Franchise Joining Fee (payable once the lease is signed)
R160 000, Excl. VAT, Design and Management fees, and Legal Costs (payable once the lease is signed).
R550 000 – Operating Costs (Landlord Deposits and Rental, Training Disbursement, Opening Stock, Small Equipment as required).

5% – Monthly Royalties of net sales
2% – Monthly Marketing Fee

All amounts excluding VAT.
It is important for a prospective franchise partner to join the franchise system in order to be able to be afforded the opportunity of site allocation.

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