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We are a responsible, sustainable and ethical organisation, which strives to find the balance between people, planet and profit.

We are the market leader in Africa for purified water with local community support and job creation for more than 1000+ families.

We are a certified BBBEE Level 2 supplier for corporate and government procurement.

We are committed to being environmentally friendly and 100% dedicated to recycling. With that being said, we have been a proud associate member of PETCO since 2009 and voluntary recycling levies are paid to PETCO to support a greener environment.

Our product range include bottled still-, sparkling- and refill water, energy drinks, iced tea drinks, juice drinks, sports drinks, and water dispensers.

Kindly click here to view our full range of beverage solutions or visit our Store Locator to get directions to all our stores or use the mobile application to QuickFind a store near you.

Our purification process aids water treatment plants by filtering out all pharmaceuticals from drinking water, including dirt, sludge, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, sodium and any other hormones present in water.

The added benefit of our water is the injection of Ozone into the water, increasing the oxygen levels in the water and killing all bacteria and viruses, which cannot be removed by filtration.

Sand Filtration

Removes dirt, sludge and other undissolved solids.

Element Filtration

A 5 Micron element filter, which removes all undissolved solids up to a particle size of 5 Micron, as well as a 1 Micron element filter, which further removes all the remaining undissolved solids up to 1 Micron.

Reverse Osmosis

Removes 98% of all dissolved solids, including sodium.

Carbon Filtration

Removes pesticides, herbicides, chlorine and other organic chemicals.

UV Disinfection

The ultraviolet protection phase sterilises the water and destroys all hormones.

Ozone Treatment

Ozone is injected into the water killing all bacteria and viruses and sterilises the container. Ozone
converts to oxygen when it comes into contact with water and increases the oxygen levels.

The Oasis concept sprung to life in 2003 with one store and the concept of bottling the finest quality, purified and ozonated drinking water at an affordable price was integrated with the additional benefit of refilling large containers and friendly service completed the offering.

By the end of the following year another two stores was added, reaffirming the fact that the Oasis concept was underpinned by sound business principles and offered a proven product.

With these fundamentals in place it was decided that the best way to grow the business, the brand and entrepreneurial spirit within Oasis was through franchising.

With 300+ stores across South Africa, Namibia and Botswana our Franchise opportunities offer the self-starter an ideal opportunity to realise their future potential by providing the finest quality, purified and ozonated drinking water.

We require individuals that have an aptitude to do business within our franchise format.

We offer entrepreneurs in the 25 – 55 year old age group, both male and female, the opportunity of lower-than-average business risk by joining our successful business network of 300+ franchise shops.

Are you the missing Oasis link in your area? Kindly click here to realize your future potential and to make a difference in your community.

Initial and on-going franchise training is presented for franchisees and key employees, and  given in accordance with the Operational Procedures Manual (OPM).

We offer a unique franchise opportunity in the water industry with a number of available franchise areas. Kindly click here to see which franchise areas are available.

We currently have territories and oulets available in Southern Cape, Botswana, Namibia and Eswatini

Establishment Cost
240 000.00 upward Exc Vat
Upfront Fee
Total Investment Amount
From 500 000.00 (Business Model dependent)
Excl VAT
Excl VAT
Avail funding solutions via bank or government funding?
Financial Cost

Monthly Royalty and Marketing Fee is applicable.

Upfront Fee from R44,500.00 – R165,000.00

Various Business Models available with Investment starting from approximately R450 000.00 to – R1,2 000 000.00

Oasis Water
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