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Master Maths uses the unique M2 computer-based teaching system to illustrate the principles of maths and physical science interactively. Learners attend extra classes at one of our 140 centres.

If a learner is not performing well in maths or physical science, he or she probably does not have the self-control, perseverance and motivation to learn independently, online. This is where our centres step in.

Unlike online maths or physical science tuition services, our real-life tutors help the learner to get on top and stay on top by guiding their learning path and making sure they do the work.

The teaching content is written by experienced maths teachers, who convert the South African and Cambridge curriculum into a user-friendly and easy-to-understand format.

To encourage learner interaction during the tutoring sessions, our use of voice and animated images in their lessons.

This is the ideal method for illustrating concepts. Modern learners are more visually inclined. They relate effectively to computer graphics. For examples of how voice and images work together

Master Maths was established in 1976 and we have helped two generations of learners succeed with maths. We have been doing the same with physical science extra lessons since 2011. The maths (Master Maths) and physical science (Master Science) franchises are acquired separately, but there are currently no Master Science franchisees who are not also Master Maths franchisees.

Master Maths has been providing maths tuition since 1976. Our unique 3-pronged approach has helped two generations of learners achieve improved results through extra maths classes.

Our three principles of maths success are: 1. Motivated learners. 2. Inspiring tutors. 3. Interactive lessons.

Master Maths made history in 1976 when it was amongst the first training companies to make use of
audio-visual teaching methods (tapes and slides), to provide individualised extra maths tuition to
schoolchildren. Master Maths continued its pioneering ways in 1978 when it became one of the first
businesses in South Africa to Franchise its business concept.

The business was acquired by Johan and Petro Welgens in 1995 and lodged in the PJ Green Trust. At
this time, it only had 30 franchisees operating from 30 centres. They soon realized that the “tapes and
slides” technology had come to the end of its useful life and that it was time to upgrade the teaching
material to more current technology. Under their leadership, the business developed a unique computer
based Mathematics teaching system, which was launched in the Master Maths franchises in 2000. This
System, which is at the heart of every Master Maths centre, uses voice, animated images and learner
interaction to deliver teaching content tolearners.

Since the takeover in 1995, Master Maths has grown strongly and it currently has in excess of 140
franchise Master Maths centres providing individualised extra tuition to approximately 12 000 school
learners nationwide. The Head Office has, during this time, increased from 5 employees to more than
60. All the systems and product development is done in-house.

The company has identified a strong market for extra Science tuition as well and the development of a program for Science which rolled out in 2011. This is a separate franchise concern.

New franchisees will be expected to be able to tutor maths up to a Grade 12 level. If the centre is in an area that is able to support a large staff component (usually in larger cities) we may consider a prospective franchise based on pure business background. Because of the maths requirements our franchisees usually have a teaching background, has a BSc or BEng degree that will enable them to tutor up to grade 12 level.

Our successful franchisees are self – motivated individuals/educationalists who are keen to achieve financial and personal success. Exceptional service provided to the learners and their parents (both are the clients) is of paramount importance, so our applicants should be comfortable this facet of the business.

Training is conducted at existing franchises and Head Office and should not take longer than one week. New franchisees are expected to attend the training in person in Somerset West.

We have a National Conference every second year at which we inform our Franchisees of the latest
developments in our organisation and provide applicable training and networking opportunities.

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TOT: R45 000.00

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