Honchos Flamed Grilled Chicken

Honchos Flamed Grilled Chicken

Honchos Flamed Grilled Chicken
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Say “HOLA” to the Flame Masters!

Honchos began as a single store in Pietermaritzburg in 2005. From it’s humble beginnings Honchos has now grown to 90 stores with a National Footprint which includes Botswana, Lesotho and eSwatini. Due to demand for our flaming hot chicken, We are growing at a steady pace, opening stores in ideal locations due to demand by the people for the people. Honchos is passionate about using local, farm fresh produce, stimulating the local economy, and supporting local farming. Our customers in turn get everything as fresh as possible ensuring the best quality and the yummiest tasting products served with care, love and smiles.

We have a flava options that matters. Lemon & Herb, Legend, Roasted Chilli and Mexican Chilli. Honchos is loved because of its potent combi- nation of great tasting flame-grilled chicken, shawarmas burgers and the like. Honchos has a broad customer profile and following. Youth, students, families. Honchos is the logical choice due to affordability, exceptional quality, generous meal portions and the amazing taste which we are famous for. All of the aforementioned means that great tasting food doesn’t have to be expensive. This, we pride ourselves in.

Honchos covers all day-part trading from a brekkie snack, lunch munch and family dinner.

Quick Service Restaurant – QSR – Fast Food

Take Aways – Delivery – Dine In – Flame Grilled Chicken & Chips – Wraps – Franchise Partners benefit from preferential pricing via Bulk Buying which keeps input costs low.

National Distribution Network

Catering Supplies Division


The Honchos Group acquired the Honchos Brand Trademarks, Franchise Base and Distribution Center in March 2021. The Honchos Group has Mr Shaukat Khatani as CEO, Muhammad Ismail CFO, Shuayb Ismail Operations Director, Arshad Ismail


Honchos brand has evolved and created a modern and trendy look and feel. This look and feel is adaptable to all Honchos locations, from take-away to the sit-in restaurants, to drive-through.

The trendy look and feel, coupled with the great prices and exceptional quality, ensures Honchos always has a steady flow of repeat and new customers across all age groups and demographics. The great selection of individual, combo and family meals are also an enticing factor. Honchos caters to the worker on their lunch-break or the family outing.

The Honchos store footprint or size model is very versatile and can range from anywhere between 100m2 to 200m2 depending on the retail space available. These takeaways are designed to perform at their best in shopping centres, high-street locations and with a preference for a corner shop situated next to an anchor tenant with high foot traffic.

Honchos offers a Turn-key solution which is a complete trade ready store which includes every aspect from initial design layouts ensuring that the operational flows are optimal. Our Inhouse architect is responsible for the afore.

Honchos Development Team will build the store to a trade ready status. This includes all equipment & fittings. Apart from this you need to budget for opening stock, Training related costs such as weekly stipends and meals for the staff whilst on training at our academy in Pietermaritzburg.

We continue to open new stores in locations where the people demand our great menu product options. we are mindful of where we open. Extensive site selection criteria guide us and many checks & balances form part of in our site selection process, ensuring that only A+ sites are chosen in keeping with our brand positioning profile. In some cases we engage the services of external professional Market Research Companies as an added step to ensure the site location stands the best chance of success.


Our Ideal Franchisee will be working face-to-face with people on a daily basis. You must have good communication skills. Enjoy working with people. Be willing to learn and willing to work hard.

Previous experience not essential. Our Training Academy will teach you all the skills needed to run a successful store.

Owner Operated and Hands-On Franchise Partners is crucial.

We wish to partner with Prospective Franchise Partners who believe in our brand, share our vision, and adopt a hands-on approach. When you partner with the Honchos Family you benefit from a Proven Busness Model and a Support Team with extensive knowledge. As the saying goes;

In Business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Our Franchise Partners will make and serve the Tasty Flames with pride to our customers.

Therefore, adopting the stance of “By the people for the People.


The training department is responsible to get you to a point of Fit-For -Purpose status. Training takes place at the Head Office in Pietermaritzburg. The training consists of 1 week of classroom style theory whereafter you and the team are deployed to our corporate stores where you and the team will work shifts. When in the stores the team will rotate to learn specific job functions such as Chip Production – Marinating Chicken Processes – Grilling – Cashier – and so forth. This way every team member will be competent in any area of the shop. Towards the end of the training, you and the team will operate the stores. The existing team will “Shadow” This approach ensures that the best hands-on experience is gained.

The Training Period is between 5 and 6 weeks depending on the outcome of assessments of readiness. During the training period your store will be built.

You and the team will have a few days break and thereafter you move to your new Flava House serving the tastiest meals.

On opening you will have a Main Support Team overseeing and ready to step in and assist if necessary. Once you and the team are comfortable and settled, serving the Flava will be up to you.

You will have an allocated Franchise Manager who will visit you periodically to evaluate your store, assist and analyze your store financials. Your Franchise Manager will be your link to the main support office.

Please enquire at Franchise@honchos.co.za

Establishment Cost
1 500 000 - R1 850 000
Upfront Fee
Total Investment Amount
1800 000 - R2 000 000
Advertising & Marketing Fees
Management Fee
Total Fees
Avail funding solutions via bank or government funding?
Financial Cost

Format A – Small Compact Store
120m² – 130m²
R120,000 Upfront Fee
R1 500 000 Turnkey Setup Upfront Fee included

Additional Costs
R200 000 Opening Stock
R120 000 Training Related Expenses accommodation – Stipends – Meals

Total Investment R 1 820 000
Format B – Traditional Store – Seating
130m² – 200m²
R180,000 Upfront Fee
R1 850 000 Turnkey Setup Upfront Fee included

Additional Costs
R250 000 Opening Stock
R140 000 Training Related Expenses
Accommodation – Stipends – Meals

Total Investment R 2 240 000
The Costs above are variable depending on store size, Equipment supplier increases number of staff.
The costs also exclude Invertors / Generators

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