Edublox specialised reading, maths and learning services

Edublox specialised reading, maths and learning services

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Edublox is a second generation family business, which started as a small school readiness programme in 1979. After producing promising results for the very young, its reach was extended to primary school children, it was adapted for small to large groups, and was tailored to not only improve cognitive skills but also to address deficits in reading, spelling, handwriting, maths and concentration.

The business model was changed in 2007 when the first full Edublox Clinic was opened, offering quality controlled classes to develop cognitive abilities, language, reading and spelling skills and study skills and which eventually also led to the development of an online version. Since implementing the franchise model in 2010, Edublox has grown to include 40 offices across Southern Africa, offering a variety of services and products.

Edublox is an educational service provider offering specialised reading, maths and learning services to children to help them overcome reading difficulties and reach their full academic potential.

Henk du Plessis (Owner, Chief Executive Officer)

Henk is the brains behind the business development of the Edublox brand, which under his guidance has opened 40+ new branches over the last decade. He is a registered Industrial Psychologist with a Master’s degree in Commerce specialising in Human Resource Management (University of Pretoria, 1995).

His experience leading up to his tenure at Edublox includes:

  • Developing training interventions for organisational change at Eskom and assisting large firms in organisational change as consultant for Deloitte.
  • As an action coach at the Gordon Institute of Business Science, Henk provided hands on practical training for young business professionals and facilitation by learning through project-based group work.
  • In his capacity as Director of The Learning Theatre, Henk combined his training expertise with passion for dramatic art to introduce organisational changes through the theatre medium. Henk’s interactive drama presentations enabled dynamic learning of new behaviour and corporate messages for employees at 60 large organisations.

Although Henk has been a shareholder in the family business since 1988, he started to work full time as Managing Director of Edublox in 2009, driving business and staff development. As a key decision-maker, Henk is responsible for resource management and communication as well as inculcating the franchisee culture through financial review, supervision and monitoring of training.

With an extensive track record in training and business consulting, Henk’s role at Edublox is an obvious fit as he continues to specialise in the learning and training arena.

Susan du Plessis (Owner, Director of Educational Programmes)

 Susan is an educational specialist and published author in the field of learning problems and dyslexia. With over 25 years of research to her name, Susan conceptualised the Edublox tools and defined the teaching and learning methods that make the Edublox brand so successful.

Susan obtained a BA Honours in Psychology from the University of Pretoria in 1986 and completed a BD in Theology from the same university a year later where she obtained a prize for the best thesis.

Early in her professional career Susan was instrumental in training over 3000 teachers and tutors, providing them with the foundational and practical understanding to facilitate cognitive development amongst children who struggle to read and write.

In 2007, Susan opened the first Edublox reading and learning clinic. There are now more than 40 Edublox branches across Southern Africa. The Edublox tools Susan helped develop are now sold to parents in 40 countries around the world including the United States of America, Australia, England, Canada, Singapore, India and even Trinidad and Tobago.

Susan has written a number of books on the subject of learning including The Truth about Learning Disabilities (1993) and the Edubrain Reading Programme and Toolkit (2013). She has also written numerous articles on the subject of health, nutrition and wellbeing.

With more than 25 years of experience in helping children to successfully overcome learning difficulties, Susan has appeared on various television programmes including 3 Talk with Noeleen (SABC 3), Mother of all Professions (SABC 2), Ontbytsake (kykNET) and has been approached for comment in numerous print magazines. Susan has also spoken about cognitive development, brain training and learning problems at meetings of school principals and on radio talk shows, both locally and in Singapore.

Edublox provides two different offerings to potential franchisees – Edublox reading, maths and learning clinics and Edublox maths and reading centres. The Edublox Clinics are suitable for larger markets and consists of larger operations, delivering a comprehensive full range of services. Edublox Centres are suitable for smaller areas and provide a streamlined offering that focuses on cognitive exercises and tutoring for reading and math improvement.

A standard clinic is able to assist 120 learners on average. The standard clinic offices need to be approximately 80m² in size to make provision for two classrooms, a reception / administrative area and a small conference room. The clinic ideally needs to be situated as part of a shopping centre or in a house close to a shopping centre.

Edublox centres can be situated in a space of 20m²+, and can include premises like schools, and community halls etc. The group classes are furnished with six learner tables and chairs plus a communal group work desk, as well as a teacher’s table, and six desktop or tablet computers, linked via a mobile Wi-Fi router or DSL.

Edublox offers franchising opportunities to candidates who love and communicate well with children, and who ideally have some working/teaching experience, mainly with primary school learners. From the business side of things, prospective franchisees should be disciplined self-starters with a high level of personal integrity, possess good organisational skills and scheduling ability, and be willing to actively work in and manage the business.

Franchisee training covers the following topics:

  • Theories on learning and learning disabilities
    • Learner assessment
    • Presenting the group and computer classes
    • Marketing and sales
    • Business processes and systems

After the training, distance coaching for three months is provided by means of VOIP and IP video camera technology. Thereafter, support and advice from head office is available, usually on request from the franchisee. Based on monthly key performance indicators as jointly measured by the franchisee and Edublox, assistance and advice may be provided to the franchisee to improve business operations. Fit-for-purpose and ready-to-use computerised business systems and marketing tools are available. Franchisees are part of a group of dedicated educational staff to learn from and share ideas with during monthly internet conferences.

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Tel: (012) 345-6091

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Edublox Clinic Option: Setup fees of R 178 400 are needed to start your own Edublox Clinic franchise. A monthly management fee that constitutes 10% (excluding VAT) of the franchisee turnover is payable. Working capital required is determined per franchise application.

Edublox Centre Option: Setup fees of R 65 000 are needed to start your own Edublox Centre franchise. A monthly management fee that constitutes 15% (excluding VAT) of overall turnover is payable. Working capital required is determined per franchise application.

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