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Our Brand Story

Ours is a proudly independent South African company. From 2007 to 2011, Sharné Bresler started teaching the technique of the Japanese abacus for SEMAS, the international company affiliated with the abacus. It was a refreshingly revolutionary change to the way she had taught, for many years, in a normal high school.

Even so, there proved to be numerous constraints in terms of using the SEMAS model to its fullest potential in South Africa. Despite the age of modern communication, the biggest issue was the ineffective management of an international operation under local conditions, especially with parents expecting a progression in service quality and outcomes for their children.

Abacus Maths decided to break away and begin its own orbit. However, rather than viewing this as a negative, the international organisation distanced itself from local mismanagement, and asked Sharné to become the South African president of SEMAS – a real feather in her cap.  Abacus Maths are also the founders of AMSASA, the Abacus Maths Soroban Association of South Africa.

Within AMSASA we have hosted national competitions since 2014, affording our top students the opportunity to qualify for international competitions. Our competitor companies (with whom we enjoy a friendly rivalry) that want to promote the paradigm of mental Maths educational skills also support these competitions. Together we have made South Africa proud by having no fewer than 6 world champions in the 2017 international GAJSMA competition, where we outperformed top countries such as Japan, Singapore and India – all bastions of the top Maths achievers globally.

Currently, Abacus Maths has more than 3,500 students supported by almost 40 amazing partnering franchises and schools, tutoring Abacus Maths skills in all 9 provinces.

We bring the best international practices that our trainers and founders, Sharné and Quinnette, learn in Japan, and pass them on to all our partners. The biggest advantage in our approach to teaching basic mental skills is involving all the learning senses, especially the tactile sense of learning.

Our small group settings allow children to get the personal attention and focussed input they need to progress to the next level. In 2018 Abacus Maths and AMSASA hosted the international GAJSMA competition where more than 20 countries were represented by their young achievers.

Abacus Maths is all about making your child count – both literally and figuratively. If you want to grow your brain, whether you are 3 or 103, we’d love to help you!

We work from the principle that you exist to serve a purpose and make a huge impact on the world. By making your child count the numbers, you massively grow their brain. By making their brain grow, they make a lasting impression on the world, because it teaches them the skills and the discipline needed to be excellent in whatever field of endeavor they choose.

What does it all boil down to? A willing heart, and a little bamboo-and-bead device called the abacus.


With Abacus Maths’ methodology and class routine, children are awakened to the full potential of their brains, which is an important step before we ask them to start problem solving – and as you know, solving problems is how you earn an income! So what we teach is the fundamentals of the modern economic system.

The small class culture of 6-8 kids per group, also makes doubly sure that everyone receives their instructor’s full attention at all times, while also teaching kids how to participate easily and comfortably. This is so much more than just imparting numbers. We just love working with fertile young minds where possibilities are endless.

The Abacus Maths curriculum ensures that no building blocks are missed in the child’s developmental phase with regards to Maths and other learning skills. Despite its bad ‘rep’ in the class room, as adults we all know how vitally important Maths is in our own everyday lives, from balancing a budget to going shopping.

Our highly trained instructors experience how children use their eyes, ears, fingers, memories and movements during lesson times. Learners are led on a voyage of discovery, to acquire new skills and learn new rules. Time and again, we see how this translates into high marks at school, and we believe this is because the abacus teaches kids (and adults, if you’re interested) how to use their senses to engage both the logical left and creative right hemispheres of the brain.

Tuition of children between the ages of 3 and 14 on mental arithmetic, listening skills, visualisation skills and concentration methods. Abacus Maths is a whole brain development program that has proven to increase IQ with up to 25 points.

We offer competitions on a  regional, national and international platform. Learners get excited about challenging their own calculation speed, acuracy and level of difficulty.

Abacus Maths is a national company established in Gauteng by two sisters Sharné Bresler and Quinnette Brits who are passionate about the gift of education.

They are both qualified high school language teachers who now teach the language of Maths. 15 years ago, Sharné, a qualified and experienced teacher wanted to make a difference in the education of South Africa. She came across a Japanese abacus Maths program and was inspired by this alternative method, which helped children understand and grasp numbers so much better by involving all the learning senses.


We offer specialized training for people willing to be life long learners and want to grow with us and make a difference in people’s lives. With hard-work, integrity and commitment it is possible to grow your initial investment into a profitable business with the added bonus of making children count! – Pun intended.

The ideal franchisee:

  • Passionate about education and making a difference.
  • An educator at heart willing to lead children to discovery.
  • Go-getter, self-motivated, self-driven.
  • Willingness and humility to implement and apply group standards.
  • Patient and kind with children.
  • Able to inspire and motivate children to reach their full potential.
  • Great inter-personal skills.
  • Service excellence.
  • Has basic business management skills
  • Has uncompromising integrity.

There is an Initial Six Days of Internationally Accredited Numeracy (3-5 yr olds) and Japanese Abacus training (Foundation keys.) at head office. Then continuous training on the different levels of the Japanese Abacus at either Head Office or at Abacus Bootcamps.

There is ongoing Business management and marketing support through meetings via Skype or Zoom.
We also assist with marketing strategies and principles.

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