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Our A+ Holdings Company owns A+Students South Africa known as A+Students Abacus Maths or simply A+Students with over 600 teaching venues across South Africa

Our A+ Holdings company recently , September 2020, launched  A+ Students Academy South Africa known as A+Academy. Our first schools opened in September 2020 in Noordheuwel, Rustenburg and Bloemfontein.

A+Students is a Home-grown Multi award Winning franchise offering Abacus and Mental Arithmetic training and application thereof in Mathematics. A+Students is the only institution which integrates the ancient art of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic with School Mathematics combined with our A+Play Maths range of products and games making us Unique in the Educational Sector.

Benefits of joining A+ Students:

  • Permanent Member of FASA (Franchise Association of South Africa)
  • Permanent Member of PAMA Global (Pan Pacific Global Abacus

AStudents Abacus Maths (known as AStudents) is a Japanese method of education that teaches young children to solve complex arithmetic problems by playing with educational toys like the Soroban and the A Play Maths range of educational toys. These learned skills are then applied to the Mathematics Curricula up to grade 12.

Our approach is ‘learning through play’ and our lessons are interactive, physical and fun. While the program aims to foster a love for Mathematics, it also helps children to develop their left and right brain capabilities and heightens their skill level in various learning areas; like comprehension, concentration, creativity, problem-solving and the ability to listen and pay attention. Our programs are aligned with the STEM educational approach which places an emphasis on fostering skills in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Mini Genius (Ages 3+): An introductory abacus and mental arithmetic program for toddlers, focusing on foundational math concepts through engaging age-appropriate activities.

Kids Genius  (Ages 5 ⁺): Designed for young learners, this course emphasizes basic arithmetic and problem-solving skills using the abacus and using interactive tools, and playful methods.

Young Genius  (Ages 8 ⁺): This program is fast paced, which helps fill in gaps for the older children who missed the learning window period but are keen on having an abacus and mental arithmetic education and its application to more advanced mental arithmetic subjects and competitions.

Junior Genius (Starting from Grade 4, after 1 year of operation): Courses for students who are struggling with school mathematics concepts. Assists the mastery of foundational math principles of mental arithmetic using the abacus technique and following also with a coaching program for their school math course curriculum.

 At A⁺Students, we are committed to continuously evolving our educational methods and offerings to ensure that every child has access to fun, interactive, and effective math learning experiences.



Marlene Mouton — Founder &amp

When you purchase an A⁺Students franchise, you secure exclusive rights to offer the A⁺Students program in a designated area. As a franchisee, you are at the forefront of our educational mission, managing a branch in a strip mall, office block, or another suitable venue as your central operating point. From this hub, you can extend your reach to the community, connecting with schools, creches, preschools, and church halls.

Our franchise model is designed to be flexible and scalable. As a franchisee, you can expand your business by employing additional teachers, opening more permanent branded teaching venues, or even acquiring additional areas.

Acting Franchisee Program: Your Pathway to Franchise Ownership Our Acting Franchisee Portfolio offers an accessible entry point into the A⁺Students franchise system. This program is ideal for individuals who aspire to manage and teach at a branch while earning a commission. It serves as a stepping stone towards full franchisee status, providing hands-on experience in running a franchise and a deeper understanding of the A⁺Students ethos.

The goal for our Acting Franchisees is not just to manage but to eventually transition into owning their own franchises. This path is designed to nurture and develop entrepreneurial skills, ensuring a smooth progression from an acting franchisee to a full franchise owner.

Joining the A⁺Students family as a franchisee or acting franchisee means being part of a growing network dedicated to innovative education. Whether you start with managing a branch or opening your own franchise, you become a vital part of a community that shapes young minds and future leaders.

  • A+ Students is an ideal prospect for opportunity seekers looking to exit the formal teaching or corporate sectors and will also suit passionate candidates who love children and want to provide and better the educational future for them. While prior teaching experience is not a prerequisite, it will be advantageous.
  • Prospective franchisees should have a passion for children’s
    education whilst eager to personally develop alongside this
    growing profitable brand.
  • A+ Students Franchisees must enjoy building relationships with their students and their parents.
  • Franchisees must have basic financial acumen and the skills to motivate a team, manage sales personnel and see to the administrative duties of the business however Acting Franchisees do not have the initial capital layout but the dream is for them to own their own franchise.
  • Franchisees must be willing to market the business to schools in the surrounding areas.


A+Students offer full training, which is compulsory before you start. This initial training spans 14-15 days, i.e. 9 days of theory and 5-6 days of in-field training. The initial training fees are covered through the franchising fee. Training includes our trademarked methodology in mental arithmetic and franchisee business training. Successful franchisees do not need formal teaching qualifications as full intensive training is offered.  

Initial training costs for the franchisee are covered through the franchise fee.  Please note, additional teachers incur a separate cost. 

On-going training is compulsory and is available throughout the year to upgrade skill levels for all teachers at a fee.

Establishment Cost
From R75 000.00 (depending on location). Acting Franchisees contribute 50% of the expenses for a basic 1-2 classroom.
Total Investment Amount
From R113 000 ex vat up to R320 000 (for a Metropolitan Branch)
Excl VAT
Excl VAT
Advertising & Marketing Fees
Management Fee
Total Fees
Financial Cost

With only 100 students return on investment can be realized within a 24 month period.

Up to R65 000 of the franchise fee is given back in terms of branding and signage for the branded teaching venue for Franchisees. Acting Franchisees who which in future to become Franchisees purchase the growing concern and at that point the licence fee will be applicable. T & C apply.

A+Student teachers-training
A+Student group
A+Students classroom

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