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International courier company, time sensitive consignments, behind the scenes support and attention to detail differentiates us from the rest.

History and Franchise Opportunity

A favour for a friend became the largest home grown Courier Franchise Infrastructure in SA. Through Franchisees we focus on our customers.

Franchisee Profile

Must have: Instinct for success, the drive to succeed, good customer relationships, must be owner-operator.

Type of Training Offered

Intensive 2-week training program for both Franchisees and any supporting staff.

Financial Cost

Approximate establishment fee: Turnkey Kiosk +/- R850,000 and fully fitted out kiosk
Franchise sign on fee R75,000,
Kiosk vehicle with signage +/- R260,000, and working capital +/- R200,000 per month.
Management service fee 0%
Advertising / Marketing fee contribution 0%; Total fees 0%.

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