Nikos Coalgrill Creek

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The Nikos Franchise marries contemporary dining with traditional home-style Greek cooking.

Background and History

Nikos Franchise opened the first Nikos Coalgrill Greek store in Durban North in March 2017.

Franchisee Profile

To open a Nikos Franchise, a is required to have 50% of the set-up costs, being approx R4,3 million unencumbered.

Training Offered
Type of Training Offered

Comprehensive Training


Upfront Fee: R120 000;
Approx Establishment Cost: R4,3 million; Recommended working capital: R2.150 million;
Total Investment: R4,3 million;
Franchisee’s minimum own cash
(before loan): R2,150 million;
MSF: 5%; Adv: 2%; Total: 7%.

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