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Background and History

Innovation College was founded in Kwa-Zulu Natal with the intention to serve the needs of a Nation demanding both affordable and a higher quality of education that could serve the economic demands of a larger community. Through the years , Innovation College has earned its place as a recognised Educational Institution in South Africa and now boasts 11 Campuses for the 2019 year which forms part of a larger strategy to roll out many across South Africa.

At Innovation College, we have taken the time to understand the needs of both the South African economy and the career aspirations of our students, in doing so we continuously strive to innovate and offer courses conducive to achieving both these needs. We specialise in both theory and practical courses that relate to a particular vocational field. This ensures that our students are well equipped with the necessary skills to enter the work place.

Franchisee Profile

The Innovatus Franchise would suit individuals who are professionally qualified and or have suitable business / academic experience and want to dominate their local town / city and be suitably networked. They should have a passion for education and also serving student needs.

Training Offered
Type of Training Offered

Comprehensive training is provided on start-up of the franchise and ongoing training is provided throughout the year for various accreditation and registration criteria.


Silver Model: Upfront Fee R 200,000, Approximate establishment fee R 840,000, Accreditation fee R 120,000 Total investment R 1,160,000 including VAT. Franchisee own cash (before loan) R 900,000. Management services fee 10%; Advertising/marketing fee contribution 2%; Total fees 12%. Gold Model: Upfront Fee R 320,000, Approximate establishment fee R 1,027,000, Accreditation fee R 200,000, Total investment R 1,790,000 including VAT. Franchisee own cash (before loan) R 1,200,000. Management services fee 10%; Advertising/marketing fee contribution 2%; Total fees 12%.

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