Col`Cacchio Holdings (Pty) Ltd

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Restaurant franchise specialising in pizza, pasta, salads, light meals and mains.

History and Franchise Opportunity

Established in 1992 in Cape Town, started franchising the Brand in 2003

Franchisee Profile

Passionate, energetic owner-operators who are action orientated & thrive on attention to detail and customer service. Good communication, management, organisational & social skills essential.

Type of Training Offered

6-8 weeks prior to opening (staff included).

Financial Cost

All costs exclude VAT; Upfront joining fee R125,000; Restaurant size 140m2 – 350m2 ; Total investment cost approximately R2,500,000 to R4,500,000 (turnkey). Franchisee`s minimum own cash (before loan, inclusive of VAT) R1,500,000 to R2,600,000. MSF 6%, ADV 2%.

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