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Cam Era subscribes to a policy of brand specialisation. Meaning that its customers will not be tied up to a weak non-performing system, technology or product brand. Instead, the company will offer the best and latest alarm verification technologies that have all been vetted and approved as compliant by Cam Era, these are then made available, allowing its franchisees to only sell the best solutions at the best prices to their customers. The 5 areas which a Cam Era franchisee will sell, and service are: 1. VIDEOFIED™ – the wireless verification alarm system; 2. VIDEOFIED™ COMPATABLE SOLUTIONS; 3. Off-Site video verification; 4. Perimeter protection SLA’s – system service level agreements and remote maintenance.

History and Franchise Opportunity

Over the past 35 years, our founder (Bill Sandham) has specialised in creating and building companies within the security technology sector. Sales driven entities which rent, sells, installs and maintains security-based solutions (Electronic Security) for Commercial, Retail and Industrial (CRI) businesses. All of us suffer the daily threat from crime and other nefarious activities.

This vital experience has enabled the formulation of the early blueprint framework that instigated the discovery that a need exists for the benchmarking and development of a business franchise model. A business format franchise specifically tailored to address the issue of delivering early warning of a potential criminal breach in an immediate, intelligent, visual and practical manner.

A model that could be owned and driven by professional sales focused individuals, who can operate daily on client focussed activities, leaving the tedious, expensive technical, operations, logistics, finance and administration to others. This model not only reduces crime and save lives but will create wealth. We offer viable and profitable business opportunities for those entrepreneurs who qualify. Armed with Faith, a prestigious global brand, a Vision, a concept, a business plan and the passion to take this to market, Bill was chosen a create a comprehensive service for the entrepreneurial sales minded individuals. This has been accomplished by entering into a commercial agreement with Macado Technologies Pty Ltd and Videofied South Africa Ltd.

Franchisee Profile

We have 8 territories with immediate availability in Gauteng

Cam Era is a security verification franchise which operates both within the b2b (business-to-business) b2h (business to home) category within the electronic security sector.

The Cam Era business model comprises the careful management of its three working components namely

SALES, OPERATIONS and ADMINSTRATION, each with its own set of rules and SOP’s.

SALES – Franchisee – driven by a full-time, hands-on, committed and enthusiastic individual with a passion for selling firstly themselves, then their solution, who gets supported every day by Cam-Era.

OPS – MACADO COMMAND TECHNICAL provides full technical back-up, installation quality and ongoing service delivery. A full-time commitment requiring technical qualifications and extensive experience regarding Videofied system installations and system design.

ADMIN – MACADO COMMAND ADMINISTRATION – having recognised that entrepreneurs often have a reluctance to do paperwork, Cam Era has engaged Macado to deliver their world leading management systems to enable franchisees to outsource this facet of the business completely.

Type of Training Offered

Training – Cam Era believes that franchisees and their staff should receive the highest quality initial and ongoing training, mentoring, coaching and support for its franchises to succeed.

Higher and increasing market demand, as CRIME rises, so does the number of leads and ultimately sales.

Product Quality – always up to date with the latest developments, brand specialisation and a wide range of solutions put Cam Era in the forefront of the sector.

Service – commitment to the highest standards of service, backed-up by exceedingly competent Macado Command support centre and personnel.

Leading by example – an energetic, enthusiastic and dynamic franchisee, completely in sync with the ethos of Cam Era, living with positive expectancy and gratitude.

Expense Structure – Cam Era, being a home-based franchise, runs on a very lean budget.

Cam Era is supported by a powerful technologies company with a group holding structure for national support and stability.

Financial Cost

11.1 Franchise fees entitle franchisee to the rights to operate a Cam Era franchise, access to the intellectual property, training, franchisee support, the use of the Cam era trade-marks and logos, corporate identity, etc.

11.2 Financial obligations: PRICES EXCLUDE VAT

11.2.1 Application Fee R 50,000 FASA TERM

9.15.2 apply : up to 100% refundable if declined. Only out of pocket expenses may be used for suitability testing, applicant evaluation, vetting and administration costs.

11.2.2 Initial Franchise Fee R 150,000 This fee will be appropriated for assisting

11.2.3 Balance Franchise Fee R120,000 This fee will be appropriated for additional training, mentoring, coaching and set-up costs. (Fee excludes initial fee).

11.2.4 Total Investment R320,000 + VAT In exceptional circumstances, the franchisor has the ability to offer funding for applicants whose profile strongly matches the criteria, can provide 50% of the franchise fees, however cannot raise the balance. Each case will be adjudged upon its own merits.

11.2.5 Operating Capital R120,000 (This is an approximate sum suggested by the franchisor to cover the present monthly on-going living costs of the individual for the 1st 3 months, whilst establishing their territory. Additional Establishment Costs R 10,000 In lieu of travel and sustenance outside Gauteng.

11.2.7 Management Service Fee (Royalty Fee) 5% of turnover Payable before the 7th day of each calendar month The management service fee is the income paid over to the franchisor model to ensure the longevity of the brand, franchisee support system, training, coaching, mentoring, business support and the salaries of the franchisor staffing compliment. The MSF does not include any costs towards the purchase of stock.

11.2.8 Marketing Contribution 1% of turnover Payable before the 7th day of each calendar month The monthly marketing fund is a national fund for the exclusive benefit of franchisees, to promote either Local, Regional or National franchisees. This may include all relevant forms of marketing platforms, both above the line and below the line. Mainly social media and eventually Radio will be the preferred mediums; however, once the franchisee footprint has the correct critical mass (over 20 franchisees) the specifics will be at the discretion of the franchisee run marketing committee. This fund is not for the promotion of the franchisors business.

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