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CARtime started 22 years ago in the Automotive service and repair industry. Based on international best-practice model from the developed worlds’ right-to-repair environment, CARtime found its niche market long before Right-to-Repair was legislated in South Africa. The Right-to-Repair legislation, introduced with effect from the 1st July 2021, allows the consumer to select where to repair their new vehicle, without effecting the manufacturer’s warranty. That is, the manufacturer cannot void the vehicle warranty if it is not serviced through their dealer network. This breakthrough legislation not only provides for increased competition and better prices for consumers, but also limits the sale of costly service plans by the manufacturer as part of the new vehicle finance plan. This new legislation, creates a strategic development in the motor vehicle industry that now offers relief to consumers who purchase new vehicles and reside in outlying areas who would normally have to drive long distances just to meet the manufacturers recommended service intervals.

A CARtime Franchise allows the franchisee to operate in this vibrant environment, while following a proven business model provides and effective return on investment. With 22 years of running various franchising business, and 56 automotive workshops, this unmatched experience continually improves the business systems affords franchisees with every opportunity to be very successful. During the past 18 months, whilst the economy was battered by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, CARtime stores could maintain their business, and not 1 store was lost due to the macro-economic environment challenges. This is a remarkable achievement and shows strength and sustainability in the business model.

Our franchisee selection process is based on selecting franchisees who share the same values and principles of the company. A good sense of business acumen and leadership, will enable your store to flourish. A desire to make your business as successful as possible, and a passion for the CARtime brand! You need not be a vehicle technician or have motor industry knowledge– but rather have a passion for making your business grow within the CARtime brand. We have our annual awards to best franchisee, managers and mechanics, we offer a wide range of support and continuous training for you and your staff. Our 3-week intense hands-on introductory course, is followed up with on-site assessments and virtual training programs to keep your staff up-to-date with all technological and administrative changes to keep you ahead of the pack.

Hylton Belitzky, has a dynamic leadership style, and has been the CEO since 2007. Hylton embraces diversity amongst Franchise owners. Currently, five (5) franchises are owner/operated by women, and we look to continue the trend in empowering women, in the predominantly man’s world of automotive repair.

This Franchisee-centred approach to the operation, comes with constant support from head office. Equitable contributions to monthly fees and marketing costs, irrespective of turnovers, as well as many innovative customer-centric benefits, keep the stores profitable. Continued innovation in business administration and outward focus on inclusive marketing and advertising options, to the benefit to all, provides CARtime Franchisee’s with a distinct competitive advantage. Accredited by Retail Motor Industry Group (RMI), MIWA (Motor Industry Workshops Association), Right to Repair (Premium Member), MIOSA (Motor Industry Ombudsman) and a full member of FASA, CARtime continues to provide customers with the peace of mind that their vehicle is being looked after by skilled technicians and the greatest amount of care at an affordable price.

With access to industry-latest vehicle specifications and data, CARtime stores offer motorists up-to-date service and repair data, based on international standards. This relates to accurate quoting and advice to our customers, assuring them that we follow manufacturers guidelines at a price that they can afford. Our service pricing model covers 54 makes of vehicle and over 1730 models!
Every CARtime franchise is a full turnkey operation, from locating suitable premises, lease negotiation, shop layout design and fitment, to tool and equipment procurement, staff recruitment and training. From the initial investment to store trading, can be accomplished in as little as 12 weeks!

Our creative marketing and advertising, high visibility, continuous customer engagement and innovation, keeps CARtime the market leader in affordable automotive repair, whether petrol, diesel, sedan, 4 x 4 or light commercial, we have the capacity to service all makes and models of vehicles. As the world continuously evolves, why not invest in your future, with a tried and tested CARtime!

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