FASA membership fee discount offer for 2020

FASA Membership

We are fast approaching the conclusion of another year which has been tough in many respects but franchising, in general, appears to be weathering the economic storm better than most.

As a valued member of the Association, we would like to offer you a 2020 membership fee discount on the basis of a so-called ‘early bird’ payment. The Association’s council ratified a fee adjustment for 2020 of 5% but should you submit payment of the 2020 fees now the increase would be waived.

Membership fee payments received from 1 January 2020 would be subject to the fee increase as discussed above.

A Pro-forma invoice reflecting the ‘early bird’ settlement discount would be sent to you shortly.

Please contact me immediately if you have any questions or queries.

Many thanks once again for your invaluable and continued support.


Vera Valasis