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FASA has embarked on an information campaign through media exposure, franchise manual & newsletters, social media interviews and a series of networking events – culminating in a 2-day conference to be held in August 2021– to keep its members, their associated franchisees and suppliers and the public, in the loop when it comes to developments in the franchise arena.

Live Interviews & Networking Events

Follow FASA on Facebook and you can join FASA’s Social Media Manager Romany Thresher as she chats to interesting people talking about interesting things or log into FASA’s monthly Networking Events to participate in more in-depth discussions on topics ranging from:

  • Finding out what skills employers are looking for and the initiatives that FASA has embarked on to help get people trained and into business. Members like Express Employment Professionals unpack what has changed in recruitment and more importantly what skills will be needed going forward. FASA’s INANI initiative, which creates training and funding opportunities for the franchise sector.
  • Hear how successful franchises are adapting their offerings to embrace change. From how retail estate members Just Property and Propertyguys.com have tailored their models to operate successfully online and virtually – to finding out what innovations companies like Bootleggers and Cash Converters are doing to stay profitable.
  • Tap into the expertise of FASA’s service provider members – from finding out what banks like Absa are doing to help you get financing for that franchise you’re wanting to buy – to hearing top franchise attorneys like D’Amico Attorneys, Kisch Ip and Fairbridges explain the legalities of franchising – from understanding the importance of the disclosure document to compliance to the POPI Act and the significance of trade marks in franchising.

Franchise Manual and Newsletters

Enquiries from members of the public wanting to know about franchising and how to evaluate a franchise is on the increase and FASA’s website is a fountain of information, from:

  • Giving you the background to the success of franchising and its high ethical standards.
  • Profiling its member base – all of whom have committed to ethical franchise business practices. Find out their history, opportunities, training and costs from an easy-to-navigate alphabetical or sector listing.
  • Read interesting articles on franchising, its successes, challenges and opportunities in the annual Franchise Manual – a 200 page digi-mag that you can buy and use as a guide to buying a franchise or starting your own business.
  • Subscribe to FASA’s bi-monthly newsletter that brings you all the latest news and trends in franchising.

Visit our website to read our newsletter articles and view past interviews or to order the 2021 Franchise Manual


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