FASA and Inani Franchise Funding and Training for Members

Inani non-profit Incubator Accelerator

Functions as a bridge between the public and government and private sectors. Inani is a talent incubator and a business incubator. This ensures a fully supported ecosystem for training and development, as well as providing support services / holding hands to existing businesses and establishing new business.
Inani represents Employer Associations and is FASA’s outsourced SET – Socio-Economic Transformation partner, focusing on transformation for equal opportunities and inclusion of differently-abled communities.

Inani also serves as a representative on various boards such as:

  • BUSA – Business Unity South Africa
  • SIFA – Skills Initiative for Africa
  • SubCet – Education and Training
  • ServicesSeta
  • WRSeta (vs FoodBevSeta)

Talent Incubator

Post Covid-19, A 3rd of Inani’s resources are allocated to developing an existing database a national pool of talent POT with qualified leaners which have been already been trained, and to further the training and development with a specific focus to accelerate the training of differently enabled youth in collaboration with the education department (vs DBE – Department of Basic Education) and establishing a database with differently abled POT of pre-qualified (vs roughly 2 500 students exiting the Basic Education system annually) applicants.

Business Incubator

Then Inani has allocated another (vs two thirds) third of its resources/funding into the business incubator towards an economic recovery program where Inani has access to a bouquet of funders in the public sector, DFI’s, finance institutions, private banking, angel funders and venture capitalists that are able to come on-board to take over or salvage businesses, and or assist businesses like franchise business who are struggling or who think they may start to struggle to survive due to Covid or pre Covid due to the bad economy these businesses can apply to Inani for funding and support services assistance.

Franchisee businesses on the brink of closure and closing down

These are franchisee businesses on the brink of closure who have run out of resources and don’t see a way forward. Inani would come in with their management team and work in collaboration with the franchisor of the brand and the franchisee. Get the funders in place, get the management structures in place then nurture and grow the business back to get it self-sustainable again.

Franchisee Businesses who have shut down

Franchisee businesses that have been struggling before Covid and were on the brink of closure and have closed their businesses during lockdown. Inani would then come in and negotiate a price for that business in the spirit of saving jobs and salvaging the business. Three ‘R’ strategy; Relaunch / Re-Open, or Revamp, or Relocate.


Cash Injection Option

Cash Injection for franchise businesses that have run out of cash trying to survive due to lockdown.

These are businesses who were doing well before Covid and are now running out of cash due to lockdown and now require a cash injection an equity loan to get back on track. Inani then directs funds towards successful applicants and then after a period of time the business buys themselves back out. The ideal goal of Inani is not to own any businesses but to rather empower businesses to nurture back to self-sustain themselves.

Services SETA Franchise Industry Qualification

Inani is working in collaboration with FASA to obtain a Services Seta approved Franchising Industry qualification for 2021. This requires franchisor and supplier participation to develop this further.

FASA and Inani invites franchisors in all sectors and franchise suppliers, consultants, legal, to help formulate and develop the franchise industry curriculum.

Also to collaborate on causes / programmes, and share any frustrations which might be required to be voiced at any platform where INANI represents FASA.