Lot Maceve

President of the Funeral Industry Practitioners of SA (FIPSA)

Lot Maceve is a third generation businessman who was called into the business industry at a young age. He joined the South African Funeral Practitioners Association (SAFPA) and was entrusted with the role of leading the Limpopo province. He served in the unification task team which was entrusted to form a federation for the South African funeral industry and later as the founding member of the Funeral Federation of South Africa. Maceve is a founder and President of Funeral Industry Practitioners of South Africa (FIPSA) and Mhlangaveza Family Assurance (Pty) Ltd which has a national footprint.  He is sought after as a leader, life coach, counselor and businessman, committed to the restoration of wealth, health and morals in South Africa.


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    President of the Funeral Industry Practitioners of SA (FIPSA)


    The coronavirus pandemic has put immense pressure on the funeral industry, as cases continue to rise and we battle to cope with the high numbers of burials, putting the industry in jeopardy. If we had anticipated this, we would have planned better and we would have achieved better results.