Hakika V Wise

Founder/Owner of Kika Stretch Studios

Kika Wise is a former professional dancer turned entrepreneur, franchisor and wellness educator who founded Kika Stretch Studios in 2011 to introduce a new approach to how people think about health and fitness.  Kika Stretch Studios’ unique system also features a custom line of products, including stretching oils and socks to enhance the assisted stretching experience.

With 13 locations throughout the United States, including New Jersey, Georgia, Nevada, New York City, Pennsylvania and Texas, Kika is just one of three African American women franchisors in the country.

As one of the nation’s youngest and most promising franchisors, Kika is rapidly growing her brand and helping others along the way. Having established a successful career of wellness built on the hope of inspiring and empowering others, Kika Wise is a businesswoman on a mission to educate millennials and other generations on how to preserve self and pursue franchising