Eric Parker


Eric’s involvement with franchising began in the 1980’s when he held senior positions with Carlton Paper, Kreepy Krauly, KFC and later, Interfare/Squire’s Holdings.  Eric is a founding member of the Franchise Association of South Africa and served on its board of directors for many years. A founder member of Nando’s, he later started the highly successful Seattle Coffee Company. He subsequently moved into franchise consulting and today Eric is highly sought after as a consultant, strategist, author and motivational speaker.  Eric has written or co-written several books on entrepreneurship, including two best sellers in their field namely ‘Run Your Own Business and Make Lots of Money’ and ‘Eric Parker’s Road Map to Business Success’.


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    Rising from the Ashes –The Future of Franchising



    Finding the silver lining is what franchising is all about; this conference will unlock the entrepreneurial potential and have a positive effect as individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners get together to analyse the status quo, look for opportunities and develop or find new avenues to pursue.

    09:30 - 10:00

    Friday 9 July

    What franchisors should be doing to ensure economic survival

    Eric Parker, one of the founding members of Nando’s and co-owner of the popular Seattle Coffee Co, who runs one of the top franchising consultancies, Franchising Plus will talk about the future of franchising as it rises from the ashes.  As one of the founding members of the Franchise Association of South Africa, Eric has seen it all – the good times and the bad; the boom times and the recessionary times – and through this his passion and belief in the viability of franchising is as strong as ever.

    As a thought-leader he is always analysing and planning franchising’s next step and his presentation at the FASA Conference will touch on what franchisors should be doing to ensure their economic survival.  Whether it’s changing tactics to remain relevant to finding new ways to recruit franchisees; from picking the anomalies and hurdles brought on by the pandemic to encouraging corporate companies to look at franchising to grow their footprint; Eric Parker will inform and inspire you.