Proudly SA Workshop

FASA, in partnership with Proudly SA launched the Supplier Transformation initiative with the aim of bringing transformed suppliers and Franchisors looking to transform their supply chain together.  The launch was held in September in Johannesburg.  Following the successful launch, both FASA and Proudly SA have committed to keeping this initiative alive by facilitating ongoing engagements between suppliers and Franchisors.  As a result, this workshop will become a regular feature in the FASA/Proudly SA calendar.  Do not miss the next session that will be taking place in February.


“The previous initiative hosted by FASA and Proudly SA provided an opportunity to fast-track engagements with very highly talented transformed suppliers.  The expertise that was displayed on the day has already had a meaningful impact on how we approach transformation in our supply chain.”

~  Tony Da Fonseca – Managing Director – OBC / Chairman – FASA


“The quality of the suppliers that Proudly SA showcased was so impressive.  It was obvious to me that supply chain transformation is happening slowly not because of lack of capable and high-performing transformed suppliers, but due to a lack of platforms to showcase and crate market access for them.

~  Akhona Qengqe – Transformation Director – KFC


“One of the critical challenges facing SMME’s and Cooperatives is access to markets.  Access to finance becomes easier when SME suppliers are given an opportunity to service big business.  The partnership and platform that is created by FASA, Proudly SA as well as KFC plays a pivotal role in tackling this barrier to entry”,

~ Don Mashele from SEFA


The inaugural Proudly SA supplier event proved to be an excellent platform to engage with a group of highly transformed suppliers, with whom we wouldn’t have had the chance to meet previously.  The event allowed us direct access to these businesses, provided us with an understanding of their needs and the opportunity to discuss areas where we can collaborate as part of our commitment to provide SMME’s access to markets and utilise their services going forward.

~  Pertunia Sibanyoni – CEO InspectaCar


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