Education in the 21st Century, preparing your child for the future

Marisa van der Merwe of Mini Chess talks about the future of education, the challenges facing teachers and the current education system that is not working.

Education, as we know it, is changing forever.  MiniChess dived in with both feet to meet the challenge head on when lockdown kicked in.

Have you been experiencing the huge task of juggling your business with your child’s education?

We know that approximately 1,4 billion children, worldwide, have now moved from the classroom to the digital world of education.   This lock-down has given us a huge challenge with education.

Are you ready to take your children to the next level, or do you need help?    How do we, as parents and teachers, move into this new normal?  How do we empower children?

How are you preparing your child for the future?  Many of us are perhaps fearful and thinking, whereto from here?  Children are very adaptable to change, but are we?  Many of us are poorly equipped for this challenge.

There’s an old Chinese proverb that says, ‘you will stand on a hill for a very long time, with your mouth open before a roasted chicken flies into your mouth’.  Are you standing on that hill and waiting or are you willing to bring your chickens home to roast?


Contact MiniChess if you would like to know more about child education development or if you want to find out about franchise opportunities.

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