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The accounting profession is being greatly affected by technological strides in recent years and even more so with the advent of 4IR which is changing many of its core functions like compliance and payroll. Accountants are facing mounting pressure to distinguish themselves and provide new value to clients. With more processes being automated and a rise in demand for accounting software solutions, the many benefits of outsourcing accounting functions will continue to gain popularity.

COVID-19 saw many small businesses affected by unexpected legal or labour challenges, and others forced to cut jobs, restructure their businesses or have to secure critical financing. Businesses found themselves in urgent need of trusted advice about what their future holds and how they need to effectively run their businesses. Outsourcing accounting functions has become a viable option as cloud accounting continues to gain momentum as more businesses adopt technology.

The Franchise Association of South Africa is proud to welcome its first accounting franchise – DoughGetters Accounting – a sector in franchising that is prolific in first world countries and will no doubt be gaining momentum in South Africa.

DoughGetters are involved with their clients’ accounting side – whether start-up or multinational entities, where they solve the problems that keep any business owner up at night. To them, it is more than just crunching numbers, it is about relationships and their success is dependent on their clients’ success.

According to Melissa Du Plooy, newly appointed Director and Shareholder, “with the world changing drastically, innovation and adaptation are the ways to go.” “DoughGetters continues to add value to business owners by helping provide deep insights into their business, which in turn enables them to make better and more timely business decisions.”

DoughGetters was awarded Emerging Firm of the Year by Xero South Africa, and the business has grown in leaps and bounds, even during a very challenging lockdown period. .

If you are in the accounting world and are looking to be in business for yourself but not by yourself, why not consider Doughgetters – one of South Africa’s first pioneering accounting businesses. You can plug in to our existing digital platform, trade as DoughGetters Accounting™, own your own business without having to recreate something we have already created over the last eight years and receive excellent marketing, business and practice development support.

DoughGetters Accounting™ is a Digital Accounting Business, the future of accounting. We have already done it, but continue to tweak it every day as the inexorable change in technology continues to surge.

Innovative collaboration is the future, now.

DoughGetters Accounting™ is a digital accounting business, and the expanding umbrella over the growing Team D’OH.
If you would like to plug in to a brand that has paid its dues in terms of under-the-hood brand and business development, you’d be surprised at how DoughGetters can launch your entrepreneurial adventure. See it as a long-term expedition with a healthy measure of start-up security – something like ‘future-proofing your accounting and advisory business, today’.

We have completed our own cloud transition, and continuously improve our efficiency and effectiveness in growing in the cloud. We continually keep up with evolving technology and the best in human-to-human service delivery.
Once you become one of the Team D’OH franchise tribe members, you will:

  • Plug-in to our digital platform
  • Trade as DoughGetters Accounting™
  • Build and grow your own business on the shoulders of our business model, conceptualised in 2012
  • Receive marketing, business, HR, practice development & business continuity support.

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