Do you have what it takes to be successful in business?


As the focus from government, big business and Expo’s like FASA’s recent KZN Franchise Expo is on empowering entrepreneurs, stimulating small business and creating jobs, we look at what does it take to be successful.

Making a success of a business requires total commitment and dedication to realising your own potential and ensuring success. To do that you need to:

Believe in your vision

Successful entrepreneurs are driven by their vision to succeed and never give up. Their vision must remain their guiding force.

Be ready to work hard

From the outset you need to recognise that you, and you alone need to put in the hard work, long hours and total dedication.

Don’t expect to know everything from day one

Rome wasn’t built in a day and learn to take one day at a time, be consistent in your determination to succeed.

Learn to be both resilient and optimistic

Cultivate a good attitude, focus on the opportunities and successes and learn to bounce back from setbacks.


Achieving success involves detailed planning at every stage. Keep referring to that Business Plan that started you off on the road to success. Study it, adapt it, fine-tune it and use it to keep you on course to achieving ultimate success.


Always keep communication channels open – whether it’s with your staff, your customers, your suppliers and your colleagues. Keeping an open mind and staying on top of your game can only benefit you in the long run.

Putting People First

Business is all about people and you need to always put people first – they are the ones who are the building blocks to your business success. Treat all people equally and with respect – from your lowest paid employee to your customers and suppliers.

Build Strong Relationships

A network of strong contacts is key to being successful. Work towards building beneficial relationships with all who cross your path – and never burn your bridges.

Lead By Example

A good leader will not be scared to roll up his sleeves and pitch in when necessary. It is crucial that you lead by example and conduct your business with honesty, transparency and integrity.

You are your own best marketer

There is no one else who knows your business like you do or is better at marketing your business than yourself. Especially in the start-up phase, you need to be at the forefront in promoting yourself and your business.

Add Value

Always give added value in everything you do. In business, this is tantamount to providing the ‘cherry on the top’. By adding value to what you offer you are putting yourself ahead of the competition and a step closer to achieving business success.

Persistence Pays

Most successful people have tried, failed and tried again. Life’s not easy and to achieve success – whether on a personal or professional level – one needs to persevere and have the strength of character not to give up.

Make A Difference

Giving back is a good way to celebrate success. Most successful people will attest to having had a mentor or been given a lucky break. Perpetuate that cycle of success by making a difference in someone else’s life.

Build A Legacy

It’s one thing to build a business – it’s another to build a legacy. Make it your goal to leave a legacy behind – whether it’s for your children, for your community or for the good of mankind.  Let people remember you for your legacy.

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