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PRP is an intelligent, powerful, cloud-based solution that enables people to waste less time by eliminating manual tasks. We partner with your business to create an intelligent ecosystem that integrates existing hardware and software to digitally transform manual processes. PRP removes unnecessary administration and duplication of tasks to liberate you and your people to focus on the things that really matter in the workplace.

FASA members receive customised pricing and payment plans dependent on the nature and size of the businesses.

PRP Solutions for FASA Members:

Honeycomb people management portal

  • Layer 1: Advanced Rostering, Time & Attendance, HR & Payroll Interface​
  • Layer 2: Budgeting and Forecasting​
  • Layer 3: HR Compliance Management, including electronic onboarding​

Buzz employee app

  • Time clocking with location data for work-from-home, site-based or mobile employees
  • Task management including assignment, communication, tracking and checklists
  • Covid-19 screening
  • Surveys
  • Checking of leave balances and applications for leave
  • Bulk and individual communications and notifications
  • Payslip delivery

Access Control with automated compliance checks

BumbleBee visitor management

BeeKeeper asset management and tracking

Touch and touchless biometric clocking and access control devices


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In an ever-changing workplace, people remain your company’s most valuable asset. In today’s world they are often faced with overwhelming busyness and their precious time can easily be wasted on manual processes and tasks.

PRP’s cloud-based solution empowers managers and employees alike by creating an intelligent ecosystem that makes relevant information available, in real time, that is simple to use and transparent. This liberates your people to do the things that really matter.

We at PRP believe that people’s time is valuable, so let’s not waste it.

PRP’s Honeycomb portal brings the ‘just-in-time’ concept into the personnel management sector. It integrates payroll, human resources, and finance functions, enabling optimised, efficient personnel management within an organisation.

PRP Solutions key team members include Priyesh Patel, Strategic Sales Manager

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