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Trusted across South Africa for 20+ years and counting, the Just Property network of franchisees offers the public a full complement of real estate services. As of November 2021, the Just Property brand is represented by

  • 122 franchises
  • 88 physical branches
  • 1000+ agents and support staff
  • A Head Office team of 21 people that supports the franchise network with dedicated finance, marketing, learning & development, operations and IT functions

Gearing up to be the #1 Real Estate brand in  SA, Just Property is achieving more than 20% year-on-year growth (2020/2021).

Our central vision, the common thread running through everything we do is to Create Wealth Through Property.

The Just Property franchise model and offering are geared to the wants and needs of our franchisees:

  • To mitigate risk by working with an established franchisor in a resilient market segment (serving a basic human need)
  • To be entrepreneurial but know that they have a network, comprising Head Office and fellow franchisees, and a reliable support system
  • To run a highly profitable and scalable business using tried and tested systems that require minimal effort

We serve the public across South Africa in the fields of residential and commercial property sales, rentals, and management.




For Buyers:

  • Access to properties that may not be available on the open market
  • Experts to help you navigate the complicated buying process
  • Best-in-class technology to streamline the buying process
  • Attorneys and bond originators to help secure your purchase
  • Diligence to protect your sale through to transfer
  • Experience to help you leverage your investment property assets

For tenants:

  • Education on how to be a 5-star tenant to help secure the desired property
  • Best-in-class technology to streamline administration
  • Clear contracts to manage tenancy according to the law
  • Dedicated teams to manage queries and disputes effectively
  • Secure, trustworthy, and fair handling of rental deposits
  • Expert advice when you are ready to buy a property

For Sellers:

  • A dedicated network of resources to deliver across multiple service areas
  • Correct pricing to secure the best price in the shortest time
  • A wide tenant network to source potential buyers
  • Stand out marketing to attract buyers’ attention
  • Pre-screening to bring you, qualified buyers
  • Diligence to protect your sale through to transfer

For landlords:

  • Correct pricing to attract tenants and avoid extended vacancy periods
  • Stand out marketing to attract quality tenants
  • Strict vetting of tenants to mitigate risk
  • Diligent financial management to protect your income
  • Cloud-based systems to protect your assets
  • Firm but fair dispute handling to move forward amicably

Chief Executive Officer – Paul Stevens has been the CEO of Just Property Group Holding (Pty) Ltd since 2013, which controls an international team of property franchises. He joined as a franchisee in 2003 and now, as CEO, drives the strategic direction of the Just Property brand with his charismatic optimism. He is also actively involved in the evolution of the South African property landscape, working closely with high-level industry stakeholders.

Under Paul’s leadership, the various Just Property brands have been consolidated and the company is now known simply as Just Property. The re-brand hailed the beginnings of new company culture, driven strongly by the articulation of 9 core company values, which Paul spearheaded. Today, Just Property has 88 franchise offices across Southern Africa. The brand is well recognised locally and internationally, not only as a centre of excellence but also as a disruptor in the property industry. These are products of Paul’s leadership within and across Just Property. Paul has a BA (Psychology) degree and is a certified Master Practitioner in Real Estate.

The success of the Just Property brand lies primarily in the ability of the franchising team at Head Office to equip our agents and support staff across the franchise offices with the skills and knowledge to stand out in the competitive real estate market. The services provided internally to Just Property staff fall into five broad categories:

  • Business management and operations
  • Information technology
  • Marketing
  • Market intelligence
  • Learning and development

Our collective success depends on the calibre and integrity of our people, so we need to be selective in choosing our franchisees. Our goal is to attract people who will find a match between their talents and passions, and what is needed to run a property franchise business.
These traits underpin our most successful franchisees and they are what we are looking for in those who join our team:

PERSONALITY: Ethical, Team Player, Resilient, Visionary, Emotionally Intelligent, Influencer, Lifelong Student, Self Motivated

SKILLS: Financially Astute, Business Experience, Management Skills, Sales Skills, People Skills, Problem Solver, Tech Savvy, Organised

Head Office has implemented a Mentorship Programme directed at new franchisees, to offer guidance on how to operate your franchise business professionally and efficiently, the Just Property way.  To alleviate some of the stress and make the experience a little more structured and manageable.

Whether you’ve worked in the industry for 25 years or two years, it can be difficult to navigate the complexities of running a new business.  This includes handling the internal politics, processes, and opportunities that drive growth within a business and the small steps and education that lead to defining the different stages of the business. Our mentor is, Tania Zeelie.  she has 15 years of real estate experience and started her career in 2005.

Establishment Cost
R250 000.00
Total Investment Amount
R500 000.00
Excl VAT
Excl VAT
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