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Turn-key One-Stop-Shop since 2006.  See website for turn-key opportunities available

Car Wash, Auto Detailing, Auto Cosmetic Body Repair & Web Café in customer waiting area; with Auto Accessories Fitment at selected outlets

A Sparkling Auto Care Centre is a turn-key opportunity
A drive-through-shop giving vehicle owners the opportunity to have their vehicles washed and to have minor interior and exterior repairs done, all under one roof while they shop; with a web café on offer while customers wait

Dynamic, go-getter, hands-on, adaptable & self driven.

Included for all our outlet’s staff members by Trainers from our highly acclaimed Sparkling Auto Care Training Centre.

Please refer to our website

Financial Cost

R3 650 000.00 excl for our full house – Sparkling Auto Care Centre (Oct 2018)

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