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Roman’s Pizza is a South African based pizza restaurant chain franchise founded in 1993. Originally named Little Caesar’s when it was founded by Arthur Nicolakakis in Pretoria. The chain was rebranded in 2002 and renamed Roman’s Pizza. The company is known for 2 delicious pizzas, 1 low price in 1 BIG box, with a business model that seeks to minimize prices whilst maintaining quality.



It all started in 1993 when the current owner, Mr. A. Nicolakakis, a restauranteur by trade decided to purchase a pizza restaurant, with the intention of turning it around using his extensive  knowledge and expertise.

After operating the store for a year, he realised the product the store was selling was ridiculously over priced and therefore the store would continue to suffer financially, unless some changes were made. Instead of changing the prices, he decided to rather keep the same prices, but give two pizzas for the price of one. That is when Little Caesar’s came into being.

As public knowledge of this fantastic, very competitively priced product grew, consumer demand lead to the opening of Little Caesar’s in other locations in Pretoria as well as surrounding areas. Then, unfortunately, legalities arose with the registration of the company name, which favourably lead to the “birth” of Roman’s Pizza in 2002.

Since then the company has gone from strength to strength due to the franchisor’s hands-on approach.

Our goal today remains the same, and that is to offer the best value for money in the industry. Today, Roman’s Pizza has some of the busiest pizzerias in the country with some stores selling up to (and even at times in excess of) 2,000 pizzas per night. We aim to offer consumers throughout the country a more affordable meal, but also provide the franchisee with a substantial return on investment.

A Roman’s Pizza franchisee must possess the following attributes:
• Passion for the industry and his business as well as be involved in all aspects
• Willing to work long hours
• Exceptional communication skills
• Willing to learn
• Able to motivate his employees
• Adhere to Roman’s Pizza’s operating standards
• Have a minimum of R1 250 000-00 in unencumbered cash
• Always operate with the brand’s best interests in mind

Approximately 6 weeks training at Head Office.

One week induction for franchisees

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