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When the principal, Edwin Petersen, first encountered the technology, he immediately recognised its potential value to all vehicle users. He also realised that the technology is essential to all industries across the board, and that the effective distribution of the product holds enormous profit potential for all stakeholders – franchisees and strategic partners alike.

Rev Tyre Tech was born out of the crises and panic experienced by all motorists travelling on the South African roads due to tyre blow outs punctures and fatal injuries from road accidents .

The puncturing of motorist’s tyres has reached epidemic proportions as a result of criminals laying carefully constructed spikes and nails in various formats on the road surfaces aimed at bringing the motorists to a standstill in order for them to carry out their criminal activities including rape theft and murder.

Fleet managers are also assisted by avoiding flat tyres as the downtime heavily affects a company’s bottom line.

The Rev Tyre Tech treatment is a non-liquid nano polymer application that is 100% bio-degradable, non-toxic and safe for the environment.

The concept which Revolutionary Tyre Technology, or RevTyreTech, has introduced to the South African market comprises the professional installation of puncture-proof nanopolymer technology in vehicle tyres. A puncture-proof layer of nanopolymer coating is permanently applied to the inside of the tyre. This coating immediately closes a wound in the tyre with absolutely no loss of air pressure, and permanently repairs punctures and leaks instantly.

Edwin Petersen – Chief Executive Officer

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