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H2O International SA has a proven track record of over 26 years of excellence in the water purification market. At the forefront of the purification industry, we are committed to providing South Africans with the very best water technology available in the world.

In its quest to be SA’s No.1 water purification retailer in SA, H2O International partnered with Europe’s Number 1 in water technology in May 2019.

BWT, Europe’s leading water purification company, is represented by the South African, Johannesburg based, CWC, who is a BWT company and has operated in the South African water industry since 1995. CWC are experts in specialised, project type water treatment solutions. They build most of their water treatment solutions into containers that get shipped throughout Africa.

With over 30 years experience in the global water purification market and a physical presence around the world, BWT is working with H2O International SA to build on its global focus – “for you and planet blue”. BWT have seven R & D (Research and Development) centres, ensuring their products are technologically advanced and aimed at servicing all possible customer needs. Furthermore, their products are DVGW certified, which is the highest, recognised stamp of approval one can get in Europe.

As an H2O International SA franchisee, you’ll be part of an established company and enjoy the support of a leading brand with an experienced team to help you ride the wave of success to great financial rewards. Since the first H2O International franchise opened its doors in 1995, 45 H2O International outlets have been established in Southern Africa, with a footprint that stretches across South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zambia and Ethiopia.

H2O International’s range of over 450 internationally renowned purification systems for the home, office, hospitality and agricultural industries. Our extensive range includes water purifiers, dispensers, coolers and boilers, shower filters, ice makers, food waste disposers, cartridges, spares and services too. Whether it’s purified drinking water, a chlorine-free shower, or excellent tasting coffee or ice — we have the product to satisfy the need.

Tony Marchesini has always been a believer in empowering his co-workers and offering them opportunities to advance, innovate and reach their full potential.

Prior to starting the H2O International SA operation, he worked for Italtile Ltd and developed the Ceramic Tile Market (CTM) retail concept and set up the first few franchise outlets. He became the Executive Director of Italtile Pretoria in 1984 and was responsible for marketing the company’s products in, what was known as the Northern Transvaal.

He was later appointed as the Group Marketing Executive of Italtile before resigning in 1992 to focus on his real passion – providing all South Africans with the most advanced technology in water purification. Tony was inspired to start H2O International SA 25 years ago, after becoming aware of the huge difference a water purifier could make to the taste and colour of the water. The added bonus of his family’s health and well-being was equally alluring. His dedication to providing South Africans with only the finest water is what the company’s positioning statement: It’s what’s inside that counts, encompasses.

Tony completed his B.Bus.Sci (Hons) MBA (Cum Laude) degree in 1994. The phenomenal growth of H2O International SA from just one store in Rondebosch to over 45 franchisees across South Africa, Botswana , Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zambia and Ethiopia is testimony to Tony’s business acumen, integrity, Christian values and stewardship. From humble beginnings, he has ensured that H2O International SA is a company, which places its staff and customers first, and is the leading force in water purification on the African continent too.

Candidate franchisees have a choice of different business models defined as H2O Water Station, H2O Mini Water Station and H2O Water Bar/Kiosk. All models offer a great scope for growth and the freedom to determine how you want to progress. Outlets operate on a Direct Selling model and each franchisee is responsible for appointing their own sales team to sell and market H2O International’s range of products through in-home presentations and exhibitions.

A typical day involves motivating and managing your sales team and internal staff. Manning your state-of-the-art water bar or water station, servicing existing customers, ordering stock and matching water problems to our diverse range of solutions.

The majority of sales are made directly with sales consultants calling on prospective customers in their area. Sales also come from website-generated leads, consumers responding directly to advertising or contacting the 0800 number.

Store turnovers range up to R12 million per annum. The support office will provide an account to approved franchisees on a 30-day credit term.

The water business is booming! Now is the time to jump in with the leader – H2O International SA.

We invite you to join our winning team and become part of our success story. As an H2O International franchisee, you will receive the full support of the dedicated H2O International head office team.

Health-minded and sales-oriented individual who likes to motivate and train people.
Sales management experience is vital.

Our franchisees will be working face-to-face with people on a daily basis. You must have good communication skills. Enjoy working with people. Be willing to learn and willing to work hard. Must be able to identify problems areas. Previous sales experience is essential.

H2O International SA offers an intensive week-long in-house training course for new franchisees and managers. The introductory training is followed by on-the-job training on one or more sites, while other training courses, including sales consultant training, are offered on an on-going basis throughout the year.

Training modules:

  • Product knowledge
  • Technical knowledge
  • Equipment use and maintenance
  • Water bottling procedure
  • How to do professional installations
  • Management functions and responsibilities
  • Industrial relations
  • Staff management and training
  • Sales training
  • Administration and financial procedures
Establishment Cost
R500 000.00
Upfront Fee
Total Investment Amount
Excl VAT
Excl VAT
Advertising & Marketing Fees
Management Fee
Total Fees
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