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The company originated when the owner realized there is a huge gap in the market relating to quality aftercare and long term planning. This is a gap that is never closed and it is a gap in the market that makes franchisees struggle when they invest in businesses. Franchisees buy businesses because they need financial assistance as well as help in specific areas where they might not be knowledgeable about certain business aspects. Because of this specific reason it was necessary to put together a full package to develop the franchise to its full potential. It is very satisfying to see an entrepreneur succeed because they implement and practice proven business strategies. Franchisees approach us for help and the specifiec need show us that the gap must be filled.

The Famous Bean Cafés offers an atmosphere where business professionals and the house executive can feel equally at home to have a great tasting coffee and a well-priced menu of good quality food for most tastes and dietary requirements. Freshly made by trained Baristas and chefs. It is not your average coffee shop – informal and casual, yet with a corporate elegance and flair.

The Famous Bean team is made up of a small select team of professionals with years of hands-on experience in the food and beverage and hospitality industries.

Etienne Bruwer, the founder of Famous Bean Café, developed and launched the Famous Bean Café Franchise model. With years of experience owning and managing coffee cafés and restaurants, he realized that a new standard of coffee café needed to be launched that served original exceptional coffee and quality freshly made food. Etienne have more than 25 years of experience in the industry and is not only passionate about coffee but also about sound business strategies and implementing his knowledge to the success of all involved. The group is already recognized as an industry leader, known for their high standards in service, coffee, food, and décor, along with a number of years of experience in owning and managing a number of restaurants and coffee cafés.

The benefits of the model for the franchisee:

  • Low initial financial outlay which offers a high return on investment.
  • Franchise fees are not fixed but linked to turnover. It is therefore just as important for the franchisor as for the franchisee that the franchise is successful and profitable.
  • Turn-key startup with a ready to go café from day one. This includes finding the best location, shop-fitting, installation of the equipment, as well as selecting and training of personnel to the required level of operations standard.
  • Using the franchisor’s accounting system that works.
  • Skills transfer and backup from the franchisor. Full-time support with franchise management a phone call away.
  • Becoming part of the already in demand and growing Famous Bean Café brand.
  • Investing in a fast-growing industry where there is an increasing call for first rate and branded coffee destinations.
  • Although franchise rules exist, the franchisee is allowed a certain degree of freedom to do and implement specifically what is to the advantage of the individual franchise.
  • The franchisor with its experience and authority is directly involved with each café’s lease
    and other negotiations.

Our franchisees will be working face-to-face with people on a daily basis. You must have good communication skills. Enjoy working with people. Be willing to learn and willing to work hard. Must be able to identify problem areas. Previous experience not essential.

Famous Bean carefully selects experienced staff and then train them to the high levels of standard as expected in a well maintained and managed establishment. Along with the right personalities to ensure that all patrons are given the best quality service and experience leaving them wanting more. The baristas who prepare and serve the espresso-based coffees undergo extensive training to ensure that their understanding of coffee is that of a professional standard. Even the kitchen staff are carefully selected and trained as though working in a 5-star restaurant. Training is conducted in-house for 2 weeks by experienced tutors, chefs, and administrators, all specialists in they own specific field of expertise.

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