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Started Franchising in 2007. Brand Owners have extensive experience in Building, Hardware, Paint, Retail and Franchising. We are now at over 120 stores nationwide.

Building materials, hardware, paint and related products.

DIY Depot is one of the fastest growing hardware groups in South Africa with over 120 stores nationwide and still growing. DIY Depot was is led by an experienced Head Office Team with many years spent building relationships and knowledge in the Hardware / Building Materials Industry. With this knowledge and expertise, together with an unrivalled passion for our business, the DIY Depot team offers our members a full support system in training, marketing, finance, merchandise and business development.

  1. A strong corporate identity.
  2. A competitive rebate structure.
  3. Affordable monthly franchise fees.
  4. Access to a wide base of preferred building materials and hardware related suppliers.
  5. Marketing and advertising support customized to suit store requirements.
  6. Access to a well-rounded training programme and facilitator – offering courses in all aspects of hardware store management from finance and back office to IT. We assist in coordinating supplier training for product knowledge and product knowledge courses.
  7. Branded Uniforms exclusive to DIY Depot in line with the brand identity.
  8. Preferential banking and credit card rates.
  9. Dedicated field staff regularly visiting the stores.
  10. Monthly in-store problem solving sessions.
  11. Access to a team of business experts to assist in ICU Store Cases.
  12. Minimal negotiated store conversion cost – for DIY Depot qualifying members – we will assist in covering the costs from signage to uniforms.
  13. Income statement bench-marking in order to assess the health of your business.
  14. Unique interior store standards designed to accommodate large and small store requirements.
  15. National footprint and brand awareness.
  16. Approachable and honest management team.
  17. Proven track record.
  18. Access to funding through various institutions.
  19. In-store financing for your customers.
  20. Dedicated and highly motivated marketing team.
  21. In-house store planning team to assist with layout and design.
  22. IT and inventory expert on hand.
  23. Affiliation with SAPMA (South African Paint Manufacturing Association) and FASA (Franchise Association South Africa) means DIY Depot is a responsible, governed organisation to be part of.

DIY Depot is looking for individuals who are willing and able to share the company’s values. We feel the best candidates will:

  • Have the ability and desire to deal well with people
  • Be service driven and quality conscious.
  • Be self-motivated and have a good work ethic.
  • Know the value of communication and people skills and must be prepared to spend time and energy cultivating customer loyalty.
  • Be an owner operator.

DIY Depot offers a team of retail specialists to all our members to provide expert guidance and advice, operational support and to give suggestions after doing a thorough analysis of your business operations. The DIY Depot team is also there to assist in finding the best possible location for a new DIY Depot Store! Our team is there to help your business succeed and want to enable maximum expansion and growth. By owning a DIY Depot you will enjoy a wide range of benefits from belonging to a dedicated and passionate team.

Our training team has you covered across the following platforms:

  • Merchandising
  • Retail Knowledge
  • Cashier Skills
  • Telephone Answering Skills
  • Service Skills
  • Business and staff orientated courses
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