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Chicken Bar was founded in 2019 by Asanda Maqabuka and has become the new home of African grilled chicken dishes that embraces what it truly means to be from an African township. From the heart of the Eastern Cape, they bring forward a forgotten quality of food, flavor, and aesthetic. They pride themselves as an African fast-food.
brand born from the stories of our origins and needs.

Chicken Bar was born out of the desire to create and build a long term profitable sustainable business. Our first, and flagship store, was opened in 2019 in Mthatha, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Throughout the time of our very successful first year of operation, we have had numerous people asking to be part of our brand.

Our plan was that we want to operate for a full year in order to have a tangible, sustainable business model before we can have Franchisees. In September 2020, the decision was made that we will Franchise the Business and we started the journey of setting up all the systems and policies needed to become a Franchise business or which the same was completed. The new budding brand’s unique African inspired design and delicious made-to-order meals captured the market’s attention and they never looked back.

Grilled chicken: the timid, is the humdrum sibling of fried chicken. While nowhere near as glamorous or greasy as its crispy companion, grilled chicken is taking over the market and starting to increase immense popularity as it rides the wave of health-conscious dining. There are two business model options that is available to choose from, the first is the Container Franchise and then the Kiosk.

We believe that our Chicken Bar franchises needs more than world class food, it’s also about our top-quality service, dedicated staff, generosity, family values and going the extra mile too that is an integral part of our success story.

Chicken Bar was created to embrace African flavours, culture, lifestyle, and fashion through food. Our brand embraces and aims to tell our own African colourful stories to the world. A true South African township brand that focusses on authentic ‘Kasi’ taste. Our menu is developed with a clear understanding of African flavours and preferences. We are a brand that creates and cherishes food memories. Not only do we serve amazing, tantalising quality food, but we provide an eating experience.

The product offering of Chicken Bar comprises of grilled chicken (whole and portioned), chicken by-products, as well as standard and designer “kotas” (quartered loaf of bread with a variety of fillings). All marinates and sauces used in food preparation are specially formulated and proprietary to Chicken Bar.

Asanda Asavela Maqabuka – Managing Director

Asanda has an extensive marketing background, Asanda finds fulfillment in concepts development, planning, implementation and reviewing outcomes. She is highly passionate and energetic and thrives in the success of projects that she starts and completes.

She gained hands-on management experience through formal employment and in her own ventures within the private security and facilities maintenance sectors. Despite her age, she has been an employer and a leader – while her hunger and willingness to learn has accelerated her personal and professional growth.

Asanda strongly believes in the potential of the Chicken Bar brand as it resonates with her personal preferences and lifestyle as a consumer. Township markets have been neglected in terms of offerings that reflect the background and culture, and Asanda believes this brand ticks all the boxes. She believes in herself, and her personality and ambition are in sync with the vision and objectives she set for Chicken Bar, she is ready to take this brand to the highest level.

Chicken Bar Kiosk Franchise

5 Years with the option to renew after 5 years;

  • Set up Cost R 842,000.00 (Excluding VAT);
  • Franchise Fee: – R 100,000.00 (Excluding VAT);
  • Monthly management fee: – 5% Monthly (Excluding VAT);
  • Monthly marketing fee: – 3% Monthly (Excluding VAT); and
  • Working Capital suggested: – R 40 000.00. This is just an estimate for 6-month costs of running the
  • Total Investment R 981,000.00

Option two

Chicken Bar Container Franchise;

  •  5 Years with the option to renew after 5 years;
  • Set up Cost R 1,684,000.00 (Excluding VAT);
  • Franchise Fee: – R 100,000.00 (Excluding VAT);
  • Monthly management fee: – 5% Monthly (Excluding VAT)
  • Monthly marketing fee: – 3% (Excluding VAT); and
  • Working Capital suggested: – R 70 000.00. This is just an estimate for 6-month costs of running the
  • Total Investment R 1,854,000.00

Chicken Bar is particularly interested in people who poses some or all the following attributes:

  • A people’s person who can work with people and have a pleasant, positive and caring nature;
  • He or she must have excellent selling skills; experience in direct selling is preferable but not a must;
  • Communication skills: This is one characteristic that any franchisee must possess. This means they must be able to deal with people in a positive way. A good franchisee is one who enjoys spending time with people. Remember, if one treats their staff and customers with trust and respect, then they will remain loyal to them. Hence, it is must for a franchisee to treat their customers and staff well which will ultimately add to the popularity of a business;
  • Hard working: Running a franchise is not easy; it takes hard work to make it successful. For new franchises to be successful, a franchisee must be unafraid of hard work and happy to put in the hours required to get the job done;
  • Positive attitude: A potential franchisee must have a positive attitude towards the Chicken Barbusiness A franchisee must have a good attitude towards work and show that they can work alongside their employees, whether it is in the office or out in the field. They must even be willing to look for ways to make the brand more popular and suggest frequent changes for the betterment of the business. In another word, a franchisee must be self-motivated to act and follow the successes of others. A self-motivated and organised person who wants to succeed and be prepared to work as part of a team;
  • The term to “be a good leader, you also must be a good follower” is indeed true in franchising. Customers preferring franchised businesses are generally there because they know what to expect. A franchise system then rests upon the consistency of the products or services it offers. Deviate from this and you have taken out the foundation of this business system. Therefore, franchisors look for people who can lead and at the same time follow the business system in place.
  • As there is always the chance of a franchise failing, Chicken Baris looking for people who cannot just follow the system but can get going when the going gets tough. Of course, getting a franchise also has its risks as with other business systems. What Chicken Barlikes are people who can handle the risk and work hard to make their franchise a success.
  • Financially and ethically sound person who treats customers, suppliers and Chicken Bar support office with integrity

The Franchisor undertakes to provide the Franchisee with the adequate and necessary initial training of four weeks, to enable the Franchisee to meet any requirements set by this Agreement, Operations Manual or any related documentation. Trading can commence after 4 weeks of training. The Franchisee will be responsible for payment of any travel, accommodation, or other expenses to attend the training.

To help you get your business started and operational we provide you with continuous training. Even though you will be in business “for yourself”, we have a sincere commitment. to our owners to provide continued assistance to help you maximize your business through our support center. All employees are trained in procedures that not only focus on products and services but also focus on customer satisfaction and appreciation for a constant awareness of customer needs. The Franchisee is trained in almost every aspect of the grooming business so that customers receive the highest levels of service they expect.

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