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Established in 1957, franchising in Western Cape since 1991. 35 Outlets in the Western Cape.

Specialists in Shoe, Bag Repairs, Key Cutting, Engraving, Luggage Repairs, Leather Repairs, Dry Cleaning, Knife Sharpening, and rentals of DIY Carpet Cleaning Machines.

Products include Trophies, Medals, Security Products, Shoe Care, Remote Controls. Other services include: Rubber Stamps, Name Tags, Number Plates and related products and services.

Hard working, people skills, basic business skills, positive attitude. Hands on approach, service orientated.

Total Investment Amount
R300000 to750000
Financial Cost

TOT 300,000 TO 750,000 Depending on store size and range of services offered site dependant upfront licence fee, Royalty sliding scale based on turn over marketing fund Levy

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