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Auto Magic is a Franchise Business specialising in Auto Body Repair, Panel beating, Fitment and Spray painting.

We are customer-centric with quick turnaround repair time at affordable rates.

Auto Magic is the preferred supplier of all the major Insurance companies over 18 years.

Automotive Body Repair, Scratches, Rust Spots, Scuffs, Hail damage, Bumper repairs, Dent Removal, Colour Coding, Panel Replacement

Auto Magic is a Franchisor with an extensive network of Franchisees located nationally.

Focus is on maximising opportunities with aspiring Entrepreneurs wanting to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves.

We prefer owner-managed Franchises with strong operational and administrative ability.

The Franchisee must be a person wanting to be a successful businessperson, who understands that it takes hard work, long hours and dedication to achieve success.

The Franchisee must be willing and able to be guided by the Franchise system and be committed to work within the system.


Full in-house training provided and Auto Magic Holdings support.

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