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The Fish & Chip Co. was established in 2009 to address the need for a solid business opportunity that provides customers with a winning value proposition. In 2012, Taste Holdings Limited acquired The Fish & Chip Co. franchise business and has since grown and cemented its position as a leader in the fish & chip segment of the market. At the Fish & Chip Co., we believe that franchisees and their employees are the most important people in the organisation. We believe that this philosophy and its execution is our competitive advantage in the market.

The Fish & Chip Co. fills thousands of tummies every day with their great value offering of fish and chips, Russian sausages and calamari. The Fish & Chip Co. stores are easily accessible, well located and offer consumers a sit-down or take-away option.

A successful business is driven by a hands-on individual who understands the importance of superior service delivery, is passionate about people and who is willing to commit to a long-term plan that will yield results.

The Fish & Chip Co. offers a turn-key business solution including training and operational support.

Financial Cost

Average set up cost of R699 000 incl vat
Initial joining fee R140 000.
Included in average set up cost;
Average monthly turnover (Available on request)
Achievable gross margin (Available on request)
Management fee R805 (rounded up) per week
Marketing fee R805 (rounded up) per week
Agreement 5 years term; Renewal term 5 years.

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