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Spec-Savers supports its franchisees with marketing, operational and training support. The group launched in 1993 and now operates over 273 stores nationwide.

Spec-Savers is a nationwide group of optometrists dedicated to delivering affordable eye care and eyewear to the South African public, without compromising either quality or professional standards.

Ambitious, experienced and energetic optometrists are invited to apply to become Spec-Savers franchisees.

Optometrists who are passionate about optometry and serious about delivering professional affordable eye care, who are energetic and experienced who want to add entrepreneurial flair to what they do are encouraged to contact Tanya Durant the Chief Operating Officer on 041 506 5801 or our founder and Chief Executive Officer Bryan Dowley on 041 506 5701.

Spec-Savers offers a holistic approach to franchise training. Training is provided through harnessing innovative systems aimed at keeping staff at the forefront of retail optometry.

Financial Cost

Total investment (ex VAT) ranges between R1.3 mil to R2 mil depending on store size and spec.
The franchise fee is 8% and marketing/advertising contribution is 3% of monthly turnover.

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