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Sinkmaster SA has been distributing nationwide a range of Domestic and Commercial Food Waste Disposers since 1987 and offer a full repair and maintenance service, during the Disposer life of up to 15 – 20 years.

Today with the legislation in place, forcing separation of waste at source.  The time is now to share the benefits of this simple, tried and tested system.  With use of the Food Waste Disposer recycling can be achieved.

We are now ready to open Franchises Nationally to offer a network of Local Sales offices offering an installation and after -sales service.

Educating and promoting the public from the schools and malls in the surrounding areas what is a Food Waste Disposer and how owning one can contribute to recycling with zero waste to landfill.

A Food Waste Disposer is an electro-mechanical device that connects to the drain line from the kitchen sink.  Food waste is flushed with cold water and spins the food waste onto an abrasive ring that liquidises the waste to a small sized particles (smaller than 2mm. These fine particles join the wastewater and flows to a treatment facility.  Fertilizer Created from Biosolids applied to Agricultural Land.  Produces Food and Cycle Begins Again

With a strong passion for zero waste to landfill and importance of recycling an opportunity arose in 1996 to introduce Food Waste Disposers to homes and commercial environments.  Sinkmaster started educating, promoting, supplying and providing after sale service of Food Waste Disposers to the community.    We have seen there is a great need to open Franchises to help in the process and in so doing this will give individuals opportunities to own their own business at the same time creating jobs.  In so doing all working together separate waste at source

After much discussion over the past years, it became apparent that the most practical way to:

  • expand our brand, and
  • to sell our Waste Disposers; and
  • to maintain our standard of Customer service in sales and after-sales service,

is to go the Franchise route, as the Franchisee working for himself will go the extra mile.


We have split up Cities into an area of approximately 60 000 to 80 000 residential homes (excluding Sub-economic areas). These areas have been demarcated. The number being an area big enough for a potential Franchisee to service but not too large to handle. Territory is prescribed, but should family members of a Franchisee reside in another Franchisee’s area we recommend that the Franchisees liaise with one another to reach agreement regarding sales to family members.


An international telephone number has been set up for Sinkmaster and should the public want to make use of the services or purchase products from Sinkmaster, they are able to call in and their information will be passed onto the Franchisee that services the Territory where the caller is located.


Prior trading has taken place over the years since the establishment of the Sinkmaster South Africa. Mainly being the supply of Waste Disposers to complexes and developments, including Hilton Midstream, Steyn City, Melrose Arch, but to name a few.

3 Day Franchisee Training and 5 Day on site training.

Total Investment Amount
Financial Cost

Estimated investmentof R350 000.00 excluding VAT.
However on site approval, you will be furnished with more accurate figures. An amount of 2% (two percent), excluding VAT, of the Rand amount of Waste Disposers sold by the Franchisee is to be paid yearly to the Franchisor towards the national advertising fund.

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