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Acquired on 1 March 2015, Fast casual dining restaurant with an unconventional social media marketing strategy that has lead to exceptional growth to over 70 businesses in South Africa as of 2019.

Centered around hospitality and fresh, high quality products to give every customer an experience that resonates with their individuality.

Trendy personalized restaurant concept built around a customised but casual and affordable menu of Smash burgers, ribs and wings. Inspiring the individuality of our customers we allow them to create the meal they want to have.


6 – 8 Weeks mandatory in- house training for new franchisee.

Price Range of Franchise
R3 Mil - R5 Mil
Establishment Cost
4 600 000.00
Total Investment Amount
4 600 000.00
Advertising & Marketing Fees
Management Fee
Total Fees
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Financial Cost

Upfront fee R145 000;
Establishment costs approximately +- R4,600 000;
Recommended working capital R+- R 90 000;
Management services fee 5%;
Advertising /marketing fee contribution 2%; Total fees 7%;

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