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RocoGO, a subsidiary of RocoMamas opened its first location on the 14th November 2018 in Braamfontein Johannesburg, with four additional stores opened in the 12 months thereafter in Suncoast, Montecasino, Rustenburg, Gateway and Vangate (Halaal).

We see immense value in this offering with the ability to venture into new areas and cater for a market that we already know wants fast, fresh food.

Operating in the QSR segment, RocoGO offers high quality, freshly made products tailored to an on the go customer. Smashburgers, wings, strips and shakes are our core offering. Our goal is to cater for sustenance on the move without compromising on quality and service.

To open a RocoGo, a franchisee is required to have 60% of the R 3 250 000.00set-up costs, being R1 950 000.00.

Operator/ Manager:

  • The Operator must attend a four week training program at RocoGo and a two week training program at RocoMamas Stoneridge or other training approved RocoMamas

Cashier/ Supervisors:

  • Three people must attend a three week training program at RocoGo.

Preparation Personnel/ Grillers and Smashers:

  • Eleven personnel to be employed. Two week training program at RocoGo
Establishment Cost
3 250 000.00
Total Investment Amount
3 250 000.00
Advertising & Marketing Fees
Marketing & Advertising Contribution
Management Fee
Total Fees
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Financial Cost

Upfront Fee: R100 000;
Approx establishment cost: R 3 250 000.00 including vat; Recommended working capital: 60 000.00;
Total Investment: R 3 250.000.00 including Vat; Franchisee’s minimum own cash (before loan): R1 950 000.00;
MSF: 4%; ADV: 2%;
Total Fees: 6%.

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