Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology (Pty) Ltd

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Our franchises are:
Nationwide, Africa
For Sale: areas/territories

Northern Province, North West Province, Mpumalanga, Eastern & Western Cape. Swaziland, Namibia, Mozambique, Mauritius, Lesotho, Kenya & Malawi.


29 years in the Education & Training business, with 33 Higher Education campuses and 39 TVET campuses nationally. Partners throughout Africa.


Provision of accredited Higher Education, TVET Education, Distance Learning and Skills Programmes. The method of delivery is contact, distance as well as blended learning. Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology has been nationally and internationally recognised for its pioneering efforts in improving the quality of teaching for learning by integrating technology into the curriculum to improve success rates. Richfield provides students with free access to high-tech devices and data networks by creating a greener culture of moving away from the excessive use of paper.

Highly motivated individuals with a desire to build a successful and profitable business and who have a passion for the Education, Training & Development (ETD) Sector.

Appropriate Higher Business Degree and Experience in the ETD Sector.

Total Investment Amount
Advertising & Marketing Fees
Management Fee
Financial Cost

TOT 2m; MSF 10%; ADV 7.5%

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