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Customers frequenting a Perfect 10 receive facial, body and nail enhancing treatments by well trained professionals that is of quality and value endorsing the brand to “Live Life Global”

A beauty; marketing or business qualification will be advantageous and franchisees will benefit from prior experience in a retail environment or being self-employed. As owner-operators franchisees must have a hands-on approach to managing their business.

As a Perfect 10 franchisee you have secure the rights to operate under the Perfect 10 brand and will receive assistance with site selection, evaluation and lease negotiations. Franchisees also receive assistance with the design and set-up of their salon, opening stock purchases, initial training for the owner and staff and pre-opening assistance. Franchisees receive ongoing training on nail and beauty products in conjunction with leading nail and skincare suppliers.

Financial Cost

Please visit the Perfect 10 website for an update on the most recent investment required to purchase a Perfect 10 franchise:

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