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The first Ocean Basket opened its doors in Pretoria in 1995. We now have over 200 restaurants in 19 countries around the world, including Africa, GCC, Europe and Asia, with expansion plans firmly in place for more restaurants to break into the European markets. Our very first store was opened by brothers Fats and George Lazarides, who are both still active owners of the company. Our secret ingredient is our people – the family that has created and defined this incredible brand and when you join us you become part of that global family.

At Ocean Basket, we are mad about seafood. Our mission is to deliver the best seafood at great prices. We believe in sharing and creating a sense of family. We do everything with a playful spirit and embrace our Mediterranean passion for life. Generosity is at the core of everything we do, everyone is welcome- it is a restaurant destination for diners seeking a quality, affordable meal in a relaxed environment. Ocean Basket is the Mediterranean Home of Seafood.

Our secret ingredient is our people – the family that has created and defined this incredible brand and when you join us you become part of that global family.  Ocean Basket started with 1 restaurant with 6 tables and now we have over 160 franchised restaurants in South Africa and 44 in international markets with 10 of which is owned by us in Cyprus.    We are determined to ensure the longevity of our brand and to ensure our family is taken care of from our services providers to the restaurant crew.

We offer local and international franchise opportunities which include a turn key facility, products of good quality and a brand that is family orientated.  Speak to Gabrielle Issa.

Passionate individual with the necessary dedication to build a profitable future within a proven system.

New franchisees and their crew undergo an intensive training programme, which encompasses both theoretical and practical on-the-job training. We offer ongoing training throughout the year, along with operational and marketing support.

Please contact us on 011 655 1300 and request to speak to Gabrielle Issa for  franchise opportunities or call Gabrielle on +72 513 0333  or visit our website, http://www.oceanbasket.com and follow the links to apply.

Financial Cost

Joining fee R 150 000 excl. VAT;
Royalties 4.5% of turnover;
Marketing 2.5% of turnover;
To qualify, a potential franchisee would need to have 50% of the set up costs in unencumbered funds. We have a separate fee structure for the international territories.

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