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Started in 1987 as ‘company stores’ and started franchising in 1999 with great success. Painstakingly building one of the well-loved names within the segment, winning us The Franchisor of the Year 2015 and Year 2016 awarded by FASA, complimented by The Large Business Award 2015 and Year 2016 – SAPCC.

A niche wholesale and retail business selling essential food items, poultry, meat, processed meat and selected groceries at affordable prices, catering for South Africa’s lower LSM markets, offering tremendous growth opportunities.

Franchisee must be passionate, energetic and a hands-on operator.

Initial and on-going training by the OBC operations team in-store, in accordance with the OBC operations manual.

Establishment Cost
7000000 to 8000000
Upfront Fee
Financial Cost

Up-front fee: R120 000.00.
Approximate establishment cost R 7 000 000.00 to R 8 000 000.00 store size dependent.
Recommended working capital R 1 500 000.00.
30% deposit with jobs fund, 50% deposit with commercial banks of establishment cost.
Further information can be obtained in the Disclosure document.

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