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It all started in 2013 when NuSkinnovation’s founder, Nicolene Pelster went for her first Intense Pulsed Light treatment. Three years later, after qualifying as a SWT 3rd Generation IPL technologist, she established NuSkinnovation in 2016.

Providing individualised, superior cosmetic services, primarily through the use of Intense Pulsed Light or IPL, which includes photo rejuvenation, hair removal, facial threat veins, age spots, redness diffusion, teen acne, uneven pigmentation and telangiectasias.

Self-disciplined, performance-motivated and committed, with a positive attitude, energy and drive, excellent interpersonal skills and a vision to grow the business.

Two weeks initial training and two days on the IPL machine.

Financial Cost

Upfront Fee: R250 000;
Approx establishment cost: R1.205 million;
Recommended working capital: R100 000;
Total Investment: R1.555 million;
50% minimum own cash
(before loan);
MSF: 6%; ADV: 2%.

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