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A number of opportunities exist in SA and also internationally.
Started in 1995 and has since established a strong reputation as South Africa’s leading cocktail bar brand.

News Café is a , Café restaurant and cocktail bar that opens from early morning until late night. It is a place to meet, enjoy good food, access internet, catch up news, enjoy a cocktail and experience our hospitality in an environment that is all about the vibe.

Our business is built on deep partnerships with our staff, franchisees, landlords and suppliers that are more than contractual. They are rooted in the understanding that all stakeholders need to be heard and benefit from the process to truly buy into our Fournews vision.

Fournews is about innovation and creating real experiences. This can be seen in carefully thought out meals that are eaten, cocktails and coffees that are enjoyed or design that is experienced in any of our stores.

We want our guests to enjoy more than just a meal, we want them to walk away with a memory of an unforgettable experience that was time well spent.



Applicants must have business experience with the ability and appetite to own and operate their own restaurant franchise. Although culinary or restaurant experience is not essential, it is a requirement for the Franchisee to be a full-time owner operator. A Franchisee must have good business history, clean credit record and the ability to commit themselves to the hours of required to run a successful restaurant business. The Franchisee must also have the required unencumbered capital available.

Training is key to our team delivering the complete News CafA experience. Training is a priority both pre and post opening. Experienced operations team are equipped to deliver continuous training to all stores on a regular basis as well as empowering franchisees to continue their own training in-store

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Financial information can be discussed in detail in person with prospective franchisees

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