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Established in 1991 and continuing to build a national footprint. Winner of numerous small business and franchise awards. Established Relationships with large corporate clients.

Prime areas throughout Southern Africa.

Accredited education and training in various fields, i.e I.T. & Computers, HR, Secretarial, Management, Public Relations, Travel, Project Management, HIV/AIDS, Financial, and Marketing. Full-time and Part-time qualifications, Skills programmes and Learnerships available.

Dynamic entrepreneurs with a desire for a successful and profitable business. Strong financial/admin and management skills. Financially stable with a positive attitude and a passion for upliftment.

Initial start up training, regular interaction and guidance to franchisees, managers and staff. Seminars throughout the year which allow open communication channels with Head Office and other Campuses. Continuous and on-going support.

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Full financial details on application.

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