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The MiniChess program was developed over years of teaching chess to “entry phase” learners (5 to 9 years of age) as part of the school curriculum. It has already been used on a trial basis, with great success, at a number of schools in SA.

It is organized into structured lessons, with detailed lesson plans in the Teacher’s Manuals and attractive Project Books for the learners. The program uses tried and tested methods for teaching through play, including the use of so-called “MiniChess” games. The learning process is broken down into small steps, building confidence while keeping it fun, and is in line with the skills level of the young child at that specific age, eg. colouring, cut and paste, form recognition, simple pattern recognition, a little bit of writing, etc. in the case of 6 year olds (grade 1).

Unlock the most powerful energy in the World: Human Capacity!

Weekly classes utilizing chess-based strategy, mini-games, book-projects and inter-active learning to develop Math-skills, STEM-skills, creativity, leadership, strategic thinking, entrepreneurial skills, concentration, life-long learning, purpose-thinking, team-leadership & communication, etc.

Serving self-paying communities and disadvantaged communities through a structured, mentored & quality-driven approach. Serving children from pre-school to Grade 3 (MiniChess START SMART), as well as young leadership development (12 year-olds), Teens, Young Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Team-leaders and Corporates through MindCo Unlimited short-course trainings.

marisa van der merwe

Marisa van der Merwe developed the award-winning educational program, MiniChessTM, over years of working her passion: early childhood development. She won the Shoprite Checkers Women of the Year Award 2012 (Category: Education), participated in the Women in the World Summit 2013 in New York and also presented at the London Chess & Education conference (December 2013) as well as the ACEI’s Poster-presentation in Vancouver (April 2014)

In 2014 Marisa established a MiniChess small-business structure, empowering individuals to run the program inside their own communities, while creating jobs en nurturing entrepreneurship

Individuals who are passionate about empowering PEOPLE, from young children (5 year-olds) through high school up to the Corporate world, and who are committed to build their own business as a Gamechanger for 21st Century empowerment. Working on a flexi-basis, while building/managing purpose-teams and a broad client-base: from pre-schools, primary and high schools, professionals, entrepreneurs to Team-leaders. To be confident and committed towards building a successful self-owned business

Franchise-acquisition includes 2-day MiniChess Training, Business Training & support a annual Symposium with ongoing mentoring & training. Also available is the 5-day MindCo-training for entrepreneurial & continuous professional development in the 4th Industrial Revolution. All materials are included

Price Range of Franchise
Under R100,000
Establishment Cost
Upfront Fee
Total Investment Amount
Financial Cost

Starting-capital of R10,000 in-pocket. 100% own cash – no loans.

This fee covers all training, materials/equipment and marketing support – for immediate business start-up.
Added MindCo training (optional) at reduced price to MiniChess Franchisees

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