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Liquor City has 25 years of industry experience, relationships and expertise. We are one of the most recognised brands in South Africa with a proven track record. We are industry leaders and a consumer favourite. We are privileged to have exclusive internationally recognised Signature Brands. With innovative management, we provide a competitive advantage for our franchisees.

We always strive to give our customers the best possible service in the liquor and retail sector. When joining Liquor City, you are joining a family and a network of knowledge and expertise that will give you an advantageous edge in the sector.

Liquor City is an independent liquor retailer. Our specialty is to stock the widest range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products available. Liquor City has, and always will, source local and international award-winning brands that remain exclusive to our group. This also means that our customers get superior products at lower prices because we have cut out the middle man.

Liquor City’s journey began on the 27th of April 1994 with very limited resources. On Freedom Day, the very first Liquor City opened in Sophiatown. Manuel De Atouguia, Liquor City’s founder, faced many obstacles from the beginning like reluctant suppliers. The very first Liquor City – Sophiatown, was user-friendly and convenient for customers.

Manny had been in retail for several years and grew such a passion that he opened his own store. With the opening came challenges and difficulties, but Manny pushed through, holding his dream close to his heart. Acts of terrorism were inflicted on his business, Manny had to then start over – this is when Liquor City began on Freedom Day 1994.

By 2002, various Liquor City stores were opened around the country; the company had grown a lot since its 1994 opening. In 2003, Manny and his team began thinking of franchising the Liquor City brand – this became a go-ahead in 2007.

Liquor City is now one of the largest independent liquor retailers in South Africa with franchisees representing the brand across the country. All this from a single store opening in 1994.

When shopping at Liquor City, you can be guaranteed of the best service and the widest variety!

Liquor City – Your Favourite Liquor Store.

At Liquor City, we believe that employee enrichment is key to a successful operation. We invest in our staff through multiple training courses as well as in-store practical training. We believe that this enrichment leads to our superior customer service but also long-term relationships with our staff.

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